• Marijuana Can Help The Economy

    I believe that marijuana can help the economy. The cannabis plant is useful for a plethora of things, all of which we stopped manufacturing when marijuana was made illegal. Marijuana and cannabis could foster a whole new industry for America and create jobs. All of this can help boost the economy.

  • It quite possibly could

    This is a very good question, that I honestly never thought of. In a way, perhaps marijuana could help the economy IF it were to ever be legalized. Right now the distribution of it is obviously illegal, so if it were to be legal one day, that is legit money going in and out.

  • Yes, pot can help the economy through taxes.

    We tax many things that we call luxury items, such as alcohol and tobacco products. So if pot is made legal soon, then the state can regulate the substance, which is good for smokers. It can also provide revenue for the state through taxation which is going to be good for the economy.

  • The legalization and taxation of marijuana could help the economy

    Legalization of marijuana would keep people out of prison for having, using, selling marijuana and this would reduce prison, law enforcement and court costs. Allowing people to grow and sell marijuana would create jobs selling and farming marijuana. New businesses would bring more tax dollars into the economy and keep more people off unemployment. Legalizing the possession of marijuana would encourage others to experiment with other uses for marijuana and might bring to light some cost saving and innovative products which could bring more money into the economy.

  • Tax it heavily

    I haven't smoked in years and am unlikely to ever again, but I'm still in favor of legalizing it. Legalize it and tax the heck out of it, people will be reluctantly accepting of the practice. We should be profiting from marijuana, not wasting money trying to eliminate it when that's never going to happen.

  • Yes,

    As a medical drug, marijuana could be an addition to the economy as a new resource in America. It would establish an entirely new legal market. The only negative would be if marijuana was controlled so that the violence and crime that generally surrounds it continued and made it a dangerous product to buy.

  • YES, it could

    Of course marijuana can help the economy, and I'm sure it would if it was made legal. Think of all the taxes the Government could make on selling it. Just as much as they make on the cigarette tax, and cigarettes are worse for people than marijuana is. It can also provide jobs.

  • Lots Of New Jobs!

    Yes, marijuana could help the economy. Marijuana would create profitable jobs for growers, processors, and sellers. There must already be plenty of people who are knowledgeable about growing conditions and how to maximize crops. It could also be taxed and bring added dollars to the country’s coffers. Judging by its popularity in the news, marijuana could add a significant number of jobs to the economy in a relatively short time if legalized.

  • No, marijuana would not help.

    Marijuana would not help the economy because cartels would still most likely be around due to the fact that legalization would impose a high taxes on the substance. Cartels could and would, simply undercut the legal prices to receive their fair share of the profit. This woulds only make cartels stronger because they would still have more business and still getting more money.

  • No, marijuana will not help the economy.

    It may be sure that marijuana will help economy but temporarily. Many scientists arguing that marijuana affects people's mental ability including cognitive function. Therefore, especially young people will face unexpected and unwanted results such as memory deficit. So the society will become less function and less productive, which eventually weaken economy.

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