• Yes, if we eliminate money and do it through revolution

    For marxism to work we cannot let those who wish personal gain to gain power. To avoid said situation we must be willing to eliminate the enemies of the people, if the revolutionew happens democratically then the enemies can slow down the advancement of Marxist policies. But mostly we must have a group of people leading the violent revolution and once the country is stable switch it back to a democracy. When the society is created money cannot exist, all foods and supplies are distributed to stores where people merely check out food and supplies for inventory purposes. Marxism is heavily built on the ideas of self reliance, if we need to trade out of the country then it must happen through exchanges using a barter system on a much grander scale. Of course the most important thing is the ability for people to do as they please, the government will supply basic necessities bit jobs will still have interviews, businesses are still allowed to exist it's just that everything is given to distribution centers. Motivation will have to be decided for social promotion, being able to show off and have better careers will make people want to create. And that is how Marxism would work.

  • The rest of the world needs to let it work

    In modern times, every time a Marxist government comes about, Western powers including the United States do their best to shut it down. They see it as a threat to this day, and won't just let it run its course. For example, Marxism could have easily worked in Chile under Salvador Allende. But the CIA stage a coup which overthrew this government and led to Chile being led by a military juncta. And this was a government in which the people democratically elected a Marxist president. If these governments are left alone, I don't see why some won't work. That being said there will be some that do fail i.e. North Korea.

  • Marxism could would in certain circumstances.

    Depending on the circumstances,marxism could work on a limited basis.First of all it would have to work on a pure basis.Any modification would cause the whole system to collapse.Like any political system it would work better if the original intentions were met in how the society was supposed to operate.

  • Marxism could work

    Marxism is a economic view of social standings. Although Marx was quite mad, his theory was a good one. Marxist analyses has influenced multiple social movements throughout history. The analysis begins with a mode of production is the basis of social relations and morality. We need more morality in our world.

  • If We Are Speaking Of Karl Marx, Yes

    Marxist economic theory hasn't really ever been fully implemented. The Soviet Union became the privileged sort of society that would have driven Marx mad. Much of the communist nations worked the same way. That is not Marx's fault, however. It's the fault of people like Stalin who had no real interest in the rights of workers.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes, but not for our society

    The only way I believe that Marxism could work is if it is integrated at the same time as the beginning of a nation. I think otherwise it would be too hard to change the ways of the people who have experienced the former ways of social interactions. I do not think there is anything inherently flawed with Marxism in terms of being successful. Now whether it is morally acceptable is a different question and depends on one's background.

  • It is possible

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  • Could it work? Yes. . . Technically.

    I believe that Marxism could technically work if properly implemented. But it would require someone with an unprecedented amount of integrity and loyalty to the cause, As well as someone who is not interested in power or monetary gain. Now this is nearly impossible in today's day and age but theoretically, It is possible to create a true classless society that works. But it would require a paragon of Marxist ideals as well as a ton of luck. All in all, Yes it could work but is very unlikely to work.

  • Marxist theory and practice never meet.

    Marxism as a critique of political economy is unquestionable, but the theory can never be put into practice. Marx was a great humanist who dreamed of a new world in which the exploited working class will be emancipated. Marxism and communism are different. The communist parties work on the Leninist organizational principle which gave birth to a new class, which never understood the true Marxian ideology. In effect the last 150 years of experiments for putting Marxism into practice failed. The fault lies not with Marx but with his so called followers.

  • There is no way to completely find our way using marxism

    Marxism has many different elements that would be hard for us to convert to from a capitalistic and democratic society. With so many people viewing only themselves as the people they are concerned about, there is just no way to convince them that this would be the way to go. On top of that socialism is considered bad in the United States due to the harsh propaganda introduced during the cold war. We fear Marxism, not because it is bad but that instead we once had an enemy who practiced it. I think the idea of socialism is great, but I just cannot see a population wanting to change to it. They will be more concerned about what they are giving up and not that they are helping their community.

  • Marxism Is A Failure,

    If we were experimenting with some new electrical power source that ended up killing 200 MILLION people directly, There would be no debate. We would probably unanimously agree that it isn't remotely worth the risk. At the time of this post, 53% people think it would work. These people have not studied history and may yet doom us to repeat the atrocities comitted by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim, Etc. . .

  • We know the Marxists by their fruits

    Marxism is no longer just a theory and could never be again:
    We have seen its fruits, and it is rotten and poisonous in every form.
    It's like a drug - great at first, then quickly heads to inevitable, murderous, terrible destruction.

    It's also the most arrogant thing to say in the world, "Marxism just hasn't been implemented properly" or, "If me and my friends led the revolution, we would have the utopia." NO! 150 million dead say no more attempts are worth the risk! And even if you and your friends somehow managed to wrestle control over the system, there's someone evil closer than you know ready to assassinate you and your friends and become the next Stalin.

    What the "good" Marxists forget are the totalitarian personalities required to maintain such a rigid system. These kind of personalities are by nature unconcerned with human plight. They do not love the poor; they hate everybody who they see as higher than them in the dominance hierarchy, wealth, status, fame, etc. and they will kill to have it for themselves. This was Stalin.

    Whatever anyone thinks of Karl Marx personally is irrelevant to the discussion - good guy, bad guy, or whatever - his idea turned out to be terrible. And like all really bad ideas that see the light of day, there's promises too big and just enough truth in it to make it appealing and seem wonderful when all it produces in the end is misery and death.

  • It would require people with impeccable integrity.

    Human beings will not work indefinitely, with passion and creativity, where there are no rewards for extra effort and risk. There is no incentive to do one's best where everyone is equally compensated regardless of the quality of their individual work ethic. Also, I'm unaware of any nation in history that has survived long wherein spirituality values and worship of a supreme being are suppressed.

  • Idealistic clap;9+ trap

    No society has ever successfully implemented Marxism.

    Those societies that tried become Marxism have been totalitarian, and have never become Marxist.

    Marxism is not compatible with human nature. While humans are a social species and do cooperate and share with other humans, they also need personal rewards for extra effort. Communist societies are not classless, there is always an elite the benefits at the expense of others. In communist societies the elite enforce their dominance through secret police and threats of severe punishment for those that do not follow the party line.

  • A classless society

    If marxism were to become successful and we lived in a truly classless society then there would be no need to support these ideologies any more. The left would slap each other on the back, claiming victories and looking nostalgically at the past. There would no longer be the need for Marxist views,therefore irrelevant.
    But who would make decisions? If everyone is equal, who would do the work? There would be no elected officials, probably no police either. Entrepreneurs would be ostracised for daring to make something better. The whole ideology is for dreamers; don't forget Marx himself was born into a comfortable middle class family!

  • Why? Because of human nature.

    Human nature corrupts all that it touches. Marxism is a theory that would work in a hive mind society, where the needs of one satisfies the needs of the whole. Unfortunately, the human being is programmed to look after itself - what benefits me will most likely not benefit you. Marxism would work if the human being was a logical, rational creature, as would anarchism, however, our inability to plan ahead coupled with individualality prevents Marxism from properly achieving its intended purpose. Most humans need to be lead, and the characters who end up leading will always end up as corrupt. Just look at history and the Middle East. Human nature is not progressive.

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