• He loves black and white

    Because He loves God truely
    He will make America worlds most beautiful and holy place by Gods grace.
    He respects and love both black and white in
    He supporst israel and is fast to kill isis comparative to Obama who just pretend to kill Isis.
    IF Americans again choose people like Hillary clinton and Donald trump they will give rise to Isis and destroy america with economy down and guns in street and christain persecution.

    Posted by: Ank
  • Definitely could win.

    Mike is exactly what we need right now. He has faith and isn't afraid to show it. Do we want someone who has no morals? He may be more religious than most people but that doesn't mean he will impose his beliefs on everyone. Just know that the man in charge of our country has some moral substance in his character and will make the hard choices with God in his heart.He is no pushover and will stand his ground for this country. We have seen what the last 7 years of a lack of conservatism and dedication has gotten us. This is a guy who does truly care about this country. Give him a chance to speak and debate and really listen and you will understand. He is speaking from his past experience as a governor and a leader and most importantly, his heart.

  • We need huck

    Please work hard gov this country desperately needs your experience and leadership. We need a real American that understands the issues and will stand up for Israel and the American people. You are a good decent man of god and it would be an honor to have you as commander in chief

  • The Nicest Tough Guy

    I'm so tired of hearing "He's a nice guy, but we need someone tough." Look, people think I'm nice. Then they see later how tough I can get and their shocked. I want to roll my eyes sometimes. The nicest people can also be the toughest, but the reason you never see it is b/c you didn't warrant it. You can't survive the Clinton Machine and not come out tougher than ever. That doesn't mean you lose who you are. Huckabee maintains a very respectible and difficult balance between the extremes of who he is, his convictions and how he responds to people or the frustrations they can cause. That's strength as far as I'm concerned. And he does it without being mean-spirited. Plus, he's no coward.

  • Mike Huckabee has a clear path to victory

    His organization in Iowa and SC are second to none, and he knows what it takes to win in those states. It's not about the polls, media or even money. He had none of that going for him in '08 when he won Iowa - and his team is even stronger now than it was then. He will ride that momentum into SC and then into the SEC states on Super Tuesday.

  • Huckabee is a proven leader.

    Huckabee is the only candidate to beat the Clinton machine. Huckabee proved as Gov of Arkansas that he can work with democrats and get the job done. He is a conservative Christian and stays true to his values. Huckabee is a populist and constitutionalist. He will support our military and veterans.

  • Will lift all Americans

    Mike Huckabee has cross-over appeal with the FairTax plan that is the only way to end the IRS, preserve SS and Medicare, and stop the confiscation of personal property that is the income tax. He fights to protect all Seniors and American workers. He is Israel's greatest friend. As Gov of AR, he won re-election with 48% of the black vote, 53% of the Hispanic vote, and majority of women's vote.

  • America needs Gov. Huckabee!

    We've been following Gov. Huckabee since 2008. His message is consistent. He has the wisdom and experience to to bring America back to greatness. We need a man of moral character and integrity. Honest, trustworthy, loyal, genuine are just a few of the words that come to mind to describe Mike Huckabee. He definitely gets my vote!

  • Yes He Will

    He is the only one with the most experience. He is the one that others copy and take notes from. I cannot believe people do not notice him. The fact is, the media is keeping him away from what the people need to see truly and not falsely. God Bless America

  • He has the experience and the fight in him to win.

    Mike Huckabee has been around long enough to know how to beat the Clintons. Weighing in on sound principals and Constitutional law, he can lead our nation! Our nation should look to his pledge to support the law of our land, make changes that increase our financial condition and allow the States to govern as they see fit. Big government will be gone.

  • Thank the lord, no.

    Mike Huckabee is a tea party darling, a hard right conservative, a homophobic bigot, an avowed misogynist and all around basket case of a human. While I'm sure that would make him a hero among certain older, whiter, and angrier sections of the Internet, in the real world, that doesn't translate into Presidential material.

  • It's Difficult To Know

    Given that no candidate has come forward for the next presidential race that really sticks out, it is impossible to tell if Mike Huckabee could win a presidential election. He would have to jump through many hoops before he could make it to the presidential race. He made a decent go for it before, maybe he could make it further this time.

  • No, Mr. Huckabee lacks broad appeal

    Mike Huckabee served as governor of Arkansas. That proves he
    has what it takes to survive a campaign and win. However, Mr. Huckabee is unlikely
    to win a presidential election because he is unlikely to be nominated by his
    party. Chances are, the Republicans will try to choose someone with broad
    appeal and national standing. Most people outside of this potential candidate’s
    home state know him as a Baptist minister, a Fox News talk show host, and a
    radio personality whose show went off the air because of low ratings.

  • We tried that, remember?

    No, Mike Huckabee could not win a presidential election, because he did not have a strong enough personality, and did not communicate his message clearly enough. He already ran for president and he lost. But he did well enough to win the consolation prize, which is a show on Fox News.

  • Huckabee wouldn't make it

    I disagree with Huckabee, but I know he can't make the nomination. He failed 2016. He has little to no support. People say that he has good fundamentalist beliefs. Give me a break. Look at what fundamentalism did to the middle east! He has little public support, and no one would need him.

  • No chance in HE double hockey sticks that Huckabee could win more than a few southern states.

    Huckabee is unlikely to win the republican nomination and even if he miraculously did that he's certain to lose the general election. Why? Huckabee does not have broad appeal. His campaign and thinking are stuck back in 2008. His only base of support is evangelical Christians who represent a shrinking minority and who's vote will only sway a handful of southern states.

    In a general election he would most certainly lose as his extremist views on things like gay marriage, gun violence and abortion are far out of touch with the American public.

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