• Tyson would have won by

    Tyson had excellent speed and was a skilled and evasive boxer despite what people would think. Assuming a late 80's Tyson, CU's would have had a gameplan for Ali.
    Ali had a lot of close fights and some questionable wins too. He was much weaker and was a head hunter who seldom threw body punches. The early Tyson was difficult to hit in the head.
    Ali's plans would have dissolved as soon as he felt Tyson's first punch in the kisser. Rope a dope would have been suicide against Tyson who was roughly twice as fast as foreman and had fantastic timing and accuracy (in his prime of course).

  • Yes, Tyson would win.

    In his prime Tyson was unbeatable. However, Mike Tyson had poor lifestyle habits. Against Douglas, Tyson barely trained and was KO'd. Afterwards, he was never the same. Had Tyson not fallen off so dramatically after that, he may have been considered the greatest of all time. People have a tendency to look at the mediocre Tyson of the 90s and forget how dominant a fighter he really was. In his prime, there is nobody Tyson would not beat.

  • Yes, Mike Tyson can beat Muhammad Ali.

    I definitely think that Mike Tyson could beat Muhammad Ali. I think that Muhammad Ali came from a time where the training and nutrition wasn't that good in terms of sports. If this question however is about who can win in a fight today, then obviously it would be Mike Tyson.

  • Ali would have schooled Tyson

    Mike Tyson would have been badly beaten by a prime Ali. Too fast. Too much reach. Ali faced a lot of hard punchers in the heyday of the division. Mike was champ in an Era that in no way was as deep as the 1960's and 1970's heavyweight div. Lennox Lewis is as good a comparison as any available. He is no Ali and he mangled Iron Mike. Let me say it again: Lennox Lewis beat Tyson to a pulp. Lennox Lewis is no Ali. A prime Muhammad Ali would have dropped Mike at the round of his choosing.

  • Ali would have a tougher time with Frazier than Tyson, as Joe had better genetics and a harder style to hit cleanly by skilled boxers

    Frazier was more unpredictable with his weaving and bobbing(and Joe was harder to hit cleanly by skilled boxing opposition) than Tyson. Frazier had more ducking than Tyson's style(who rarely ducked). Still, Ali(if Marvis Frazier, Joe's son is to be believed) really almost killed Joe(near death) after that fight! That's precision, folks! Plus, Tyson's face was much, much easier to cut and swell in comparison with Smokin' Joe! And Joe's very, very hard to cut face was an unbelievable mess! Genetics and style differences are why Frazier had a better shot at beating Ali than Tyson! Ali would dance for about 8 rounds, sticking and moving all the way; then, Mike's face was going to be shredded to a pulp. That's in a prime vs. Prime matchup. If Tyson could find a prime Ali, in 8 rounds, he could put Ali away. But, I'd have to see someone do that to believe it could happen before Ali got tired(if Ali took you seriously).

  • Tyson would beat every other HW from any era,EXEPT Muhammad Ali.

    Muhammad Ali did immposible things,he beat people much stronger than him,much more expirienced,he fouth opponents who were all great fighters and defeated them all,he even did it past his prime,most of all he can overcome pain and exhaustion and he believed in him self too much.Tyson was stopped 5 times.

  • Mike Tyson would not beat Muhammad Ali

    It is my opinion that Mike Tyson would be unable to beat Muhammad Ali in a regulation boxing match with fair rules. Muhammad Ali had much better footwork than Tyson during their respective primes, and this would ultimately play a role in the type of fight that would take place. Ali would strike from a distance and stay out of range from Tyson's power punches.

  • Muhammad Ali would beat Mike Tyson.

    The question here is which would win, style or force? I would typically err on the side of grace. This is considering that both fighters are at their peak fighting condition. Mike Tyson relied on his power and technical style to win fights during the height of his carreer. Muhammad Ali was more reliant on style, grace, and a panache that has been difficult to replicate. This would give him the edge over power.

  • No,Mike Tyson could not beat Muhammed Ali.

    No,Mike Tyson could not beat Muhammed Ali.People might argue that Mike Tyson is stronger which is true but it takes more than brute strength to beat another man.Muhammed Ali is a much smarter fighter as well as quicker so he might tend to wear Tyson out before he got a chance to physically beat Ali in a normal boxing match

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