• Look at this

    He has 3 hakis, could see naruto movements with no effort, he has berserker strength too, equal speed I think, 2 haki indestructible armor(invisible) and can increase his strength with this, 3 haki could leave unconscious Naruto not prepared intimidation and pressure (but since Naruto has never faced or experienced any type of attack like victory, Luffy almost).

  • Sure, Monkey D Luffy could beat Naruto

    Without seeing much of either show, I'm going to say that yes, Monkey D Luffy could beat Naruto. I am just basing this on the fact that I think Monkey D Luffy seems like a cooler character and I think his power of having a body that is like rubber is more enjoyable than Naruto's generic frog powers and such.

  • Naruto could easily beat Luffy

    Naruto has shadow clones, all the rasengans, rasen shuriken, sage mode, bijuu mode and a lot of other stuff. Luffy is made of rubber and he could be beat by the rasen shuriken because Luffy's weakness is when he gets cut. Luffy has gear 2 and gear 3. It doesn't help him because Luffy will need to have speed and power and a lot of luck to beat naruto. Naruto is also faster, stronger, and smarter than Luffy. And plus Luffy is not experienced in fighting strong people because he is always versing a lot of weak people.

  • Naruto will win

    Naruto has 73 moves not to mention he is the sage of six paths which is a god level like . Naruto has fourteen transformation.Naruto is still getting stronger even though the manga is ending soon. But also there is a movie coming with him being an adult even stronger. All naruto rasengans are stronger than ever

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