Could more education for flight attendants, pilots and passengers help prevent airline crashes?

  • Yes, I believe more education for flight attendants,pilots and passengers could help prevent airline crashes.

    I believe that pilots have already gone through extensive training and educational courses before ever stepping foot on a plane with passengers however I do believe the pilots and staff on board should be frequently retrained to the emergency equipment and newest safety procedures in the event of a disaster happening.

  • No, probably not.

    Pilots already have some of the best education in the world, and flight attendants do a great job usually. The problem with airline crashes is that the passengers do not pay attention to the instructions in the manual and by the pilot and flight attendants. And they probably never will.

  • No, you can't educate your way out of a crash.

    No, and that is completely ridiculous. No amount of education for flight attendants, pilots and passengers can prevent a mechanical malfunction. What are you going to do when there's something you can't fix that sends you plummeting toward your death? Tell the plane how educated you are and reason with it? Please.

  • More Education Not Helpful to Reduce Airline Crashes

    The number of airline crashes is already very low. An airplane is safer than a car. Nevertheless, pilots and flight attendants already to through rigorous training to avoid crashes and to deal with an emergency if it happens. Passengers are instructed on what to do after being seated. Of course, there is also air traffic control that's having its own issues right now. But pilots and flight attendants are educated enough now to make flying very safe.

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