Could most young girls destroy a boy in a fight?

Asked by: bw3220
  • Boys can be annihilated by a kick to the balls

    I've seen 2 girl on boy fights and both times the girl won. Girls' legs are stronger than boys and boys testicles very weak. Boys may have the upper body strength but they can't withstand as much pain and they have many weak spots. Not only this boys are intimidated and frightened of girls.

  • Yes, Just kick them in the balls.

    I've been in fights with several guys and all it takes to take them out is a single kick to their groin. Seriously, A single well-landed kick and they're done.

    Your best option is try and distract them by going for their face, It won't do much to them, But will instinctively make them defend the upper body and not lower body.
    After that just immediately kick or knee their balls. Do it from below and try to kick not in the center, But a little bit to the side in order to trap one of the testicles between your foot/knee and their pubic bone. If done correctly the guy will be put in completely paralyzing pain and won't be able to act for 15-20 minutes. You can keep attacking after he's down for good measure.

  • Yeah they could

    Yes I think that they could ok and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should have to give them more fair punishments because they have

  • Young girls could destroy young boys because of societal standards.

    Boys have always been told to "not hit girls" and this mentality carries over in a fight. In most altercations between girls and boys, The boys will 'hold back' because it's the 'gentleman' thing to do. So girls will usually keep attacking because they've never been told 'not to fight' because it's expected that they wouldn't. It's generally a lose-lose situation for boys because if they fight and win then everyone thinks they're a scumbag for hurting a girl, While if they lose then people will think they're weak for losing to a girl.

  • Yes the answer is YOUNG.

    Girls grow taller than boys at a younger age. Boy will out grow them and grow muscles when they hit puberty but until then girls have advantage.
    I was in school and the girls were taller and stronger that they boys. My friend in sports lost to girls who were the same age as him.
    Until boys hit puberty by 12 or 13 years old they will be weaker.

    Unless you got some mutant early bloomer boy who already is growing chest hair by 10 years old he will not beat the girls. Maybe the wimpy girls but not the athletic ones.

  • Is this a serious question?

    Biologically males have a stronger body structure then females, So if that is the question, Then no. However, I won't discount the fact that females are scientifically proven to be able to take more pain. So if the girl is exercising and is quite strong and the boy is normal or worse, Then it could be yes.

  • No, I'd assume not

    Boys and men are just physically stronger than women in terms of upper body strength and lower body strength is a bit more equal, But in a fist to fist fight between a girl and a boy I'd say the boy would win hands down.

    And I mean boys are generally taller than girls by a few inches so they have the advantage in that as well. And that could intimidate a few people girl or boy.

    Eh, But I think a boy would win in a hand to hand fight rather than the girl.

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