Could mystical healing efforts such as therapeutic touch ever be classified as academically sound medical techniques?

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  • not at all

    No, i do not think that this type of thing well ever be a part of any realy types of medical treatments, and i think that if it is ever brought in as a part of real treatment then it needs to be stopped real quick and is taken off.

  • There is no evidence to support this happening.

    No, they could never be classified as academically sound medical techniques because for that to happen, there would need to be some academically sound medical evidence that such healing efforts did in fact actually work. People have been trying for decades to produce any genuine evidence that they work, and have failed completely.

  • No, they will never be.

    These are not healing efforts that can possibly be held as academically sound because there simply aren't enough people to do these types of healing and back them up. These techniques are not used very often and will not be used because there is not a big enough following of it.

  • Always Be Alternative

    I believe mystical healing efforts, such as therapeutic touch, should always be classified as a medical alternative. I do not think it is appropriate to classify them as an academically sound medical technique. They simply aren't based in medical fact and there's not scientific proof of the working beyond a placebo effect. It's unfair to confuse people by mislabeling treatments.

  • no, I do not think so.

    Mystical healing techniques such a therapeutic touch will never be accepted as academically sound medical techniques. The reason for this is because there is absolutely no verifiable evidence of this stuff working, outside of the placebo effect. If ever there is evidence that can be replicated then it will be accepted.

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