• Obamacare is based on medicare.

    I really believe that obamacare can become popular as medicare. I think its pretty close to medicare in many ways. Medicare make sure every person entitled to medicare gets all the health benifits that they should get. On the other hand obamacare kind of makes it stricter by saying that it has to happend.

  • Yes, It Will

    The Affordable Care Act is an important piece of legislation that will become as popular as Medicare. Yes, the introduction of the program has been problematic at best, but those are bugs that will be worked out over time. Once the program is fine tuned, people will realize how important it is.

  • Those who know less...

    Medicare isn't popular. It's just another failed government attempt at helping the disadvantaged. As Obamacare will be if it's allowed to proceed. The government, state or federal, shouldn't be in the healthcare business at all. No good has come of it. Sure, some people benefit, but the majority of Americans are hurt by it. When will we learn that we can't, and shouldn't, look to government to solve our problems?

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