Could Obamacare turn into a program like Nazi Action T4 as Lyndon LaRouche claims?

  • They will ration care.

    Yes, Obamacare could turn into a program like Nazi Action T4 as Lyndon LaRouche claims, because Obamacare will have to make cuts to stay effective. Obama even said that for people who are not the political elite, some people will just be given a pill so they are comfortable while they die, rather than given life-saving surgery. This is similar to Nazi Action T4.

  • Obamacare could turn into a program like Nazi Action T4 as Lyndon LaRouche claims.

    Lyndon LaRouch claimed that Obama's proposal that "independent boards of doctors and health care experts [should] make the life-and-death decisions of what care to provide, and what not, based on cost-effectiveness criteria." He said that this would amount to the same thing as the Nazi's Action T4 euthanasia program. LaRouch supported a single payer health bill in opposition to Obama's proposal.

  • No, I do not believe Obamacare would ever become like Nazi Action T4.

    Nazi Action T4 was a program for the mass extermination of "extremely ill" people. I quite honestly do not see where Obamacare could ever turn into a program like that. I could see where physicians in the United States would stop trying to cure and prolong the lives of patients already in their 80's and allow them to die peacefully. I do not believe the medical profession in this country would ever be capable of "extermination".

  • It could not

    No, the presidents health care will not turn into this type of program, because the meaning behind this health care law is not to take control over us, it was created to help the people of this country. The president was trying to help the citizens who can not get insurance.

  • Obamacare has no chance whatsoever of becoming anything like T4.

    No, absolutely not. The Nazi agenda behind T4 was one of ethnic cleansing. The purpose of T4 and the Nazis was to remove supposed "lesser races" from the earth. As such, T4 killed people it saw as "incurable," and one can imagine how easily they diagnosed someone of a "lesser race" as "incurable." That said, Obamacare may or may not be effective, but it certainly does not have an agenda that could ever evolve into anything remotely close to the sheer violence and hatred behind T4.

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