• If there was a way to meet the demand for organs then the black market would become superfluous

    I recently saw a film called "Tales From the Organ Trade" that really put this issue in perspective. The people who seek out organs on the black market are desperate to live. The people who sell their organs on the black market are desperately poor. It's the brokers and people who organize the black market that are profiting from this desperation. Perhaps there is an ethical model for a government regulated system to compensate donors. There's nothing wrong with someone getting something for giving "the gift of life". If these paid donors were anonymous and monitored and properly tested, perhaps the demand could be met and the poor organ sellers could be protected. Just a thought.

  • No, as long as there is demand for activities deemed illegal, there will always be illegal activity.

    One thing we have yet to really grasp as a species is that human beings are capable of both great ingenuity and great perseverance. Not just recognized, highly accomplished people, but anybody who has a great incentive to do anything will generally find a way to do it and won't stop until it's done or they get killed doing it.

    Money is the greatest incentive around. Laws and morals don't matter to more people than we'd like to think when the prospect of a lot of money arises.

    Since people have organs fail everyday and will pay almost anything to continue living, there will always be demand for organs. There aren't enough organs available through donation, so there's always room for some enterprising sociopath or extremely desperate person to go "find" some organs that are just laying around in a poor or indigent person's body.

    It's just a situation that will continue to happen because there's a lot of demand, no reliable legal option, and it makes someone a lot of money. That's all that's needed for a black market to arise and there's really nothing to do right now but bust participants one by one.

  • Organ trafficking cannot be stopped, realistically.

    The fact that there is a demand for illegal organs means that there will always be a supply. People will always get sick and need transplants. There will always be waiting lists. The only way this can be fixed is to remove the need, and thus the market. This would require all reasons for organ transplants to be removed, or at least the legitimate market be able to supply all in need.

  • It Is Doubtful

    Organ trafficking is rare but obviously when it happens it is tragic. I have my doubts it is possible to completely stop this from happening. Obviously we shouldn't give up the fight because it is something that we should be working to stop, but to say that it can be eliminated is probably foolish.

  • No, organ trafficking will never be stopped.

    No, organ trafficking will never be stopped because there will always be an underground market for organs available to anyone who is rich enough to create a demand for the supply. The only way to effectively regulate ever single person's organs would be to microchip ever single organ on the earth and monitor them, which would be cost prohibitive.

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