• Nothing solid saying he couldn't be

    No autopsy, no pictures, just a statement saying he's dead. Dumping his body in the ocean destroys any possible evidence. Anyone can just say he's dead but without proof it should be questioned. I could kill a unicorn and dump it in the ocean and tell people I killed a unicorn, should they believe it?

  • Why would the CIA kill the #1 source of intel

    The CIA ran the operation. Being an intelligence org, why would they kill the best source of Al Qaeda info? Where are Bin Laden's wives? Why haven't they been interviewed even by Al Jazeera? Why was the compound torn down immediately? Why did the cover story change so often? Either Bin Laden died long before the raid or we took him prisoner?

  • It would be war with Pakistan otherwise!

    Judging by Obama's total failure in everything he has done! And after all the lies and cover up stories he has been caught in. I would say the chances of Bin Laden being alive are good. If we would have invaded Pakistan for nothing, it would be war! And after seeing how coward Obama is, makes me believe even more.

  • What a bunch of lies

    If Obama the shape shifting reptilian says so, then it must be true or the Illuminati will fake another moon landing and will take over the economies of the world, enslaving us all and making Nigel Farage leader of all to enslave us all for eternity because the cure for aging has been suppressed along with the cure for HIV that was invented by the CIA.

  • To say he is still alive is a conspiracy theory

    There are conspiracy theories for just about everything. Including that bin ladens death is a hoax. Without the proper evidence in doing so you can't make the assumption that he is still alive. One might argue "well 25 of the seal team members that killed him are dead" well i might add that the man who shot and killed bin laden is still alive. So its just another conspiracy theory.

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