Could real nuclear war between the US and North Korea happen? How worried are you?

Asked by: Sang_Mc_Reynolds
  • If Kim Jong Un decided to launch a missile, we could easily shoot it down, before any damage is done.

    We have advanced systems that could easily detect and neutralize any incoming missile, before they hit the ground, even at short ranges. The world would likely be outraged if Kim Fatty the 3rd launched a missile at a country and would easily destroy the regime. There is nothing to worry about, and if you live in America, no missile will find its way to the ground.

  • But not worried.

    It seem obvious to me what Kim Jong Un a.K.A. Little rocket man, want to do. First off, he wants to remain dictator over his country. He has seen how the U.S. has gotten cruel dictators removed in the past. He has also stated that he plans to unify North and South Korea, obviously under his dictatorship. Tho South Korea could put of some defense, the real issue would be the response from the U.S. Tho we wouldn't fire nukes unless nukes were used by them, it is plausible that he may fire some off at the U.S. as a threat/warning and would likely fire them off if we do get involved. After all, if he is willing to kill of relative in broad daylight just because they may pose him a threat to his power, he is nuts enough to do anything.
    Thing is, it still does not worry me. Since the beginning of the cold war, the U.S. has been preparing for a possible nuke war with the U.S.S.R. So we have developed various ways to intercept nukes before they reach us. Basically, we have been working on anti-ballistic missiles for over 70 years so we should be prepared for whatever they try to throw at us. Thing is, are they prepared for what we might throw back? Maybe they should be the one's who worry, especially Kim Jong Un as I am sure we keep our aim locked on where ever he is.

  • No, It does not seem so.

    It appears that the war between North Korea and the USA can be waged but there are no chances at all. Ohh.. You all would have been shocked but yes this is true because of the balance of power, As cold war concluded without a direct war between the two blocks of the world namely USSR and the USA. So is the case with the USA and North Korea. Both rivals are nuclear weapons states and the world knows that the war between them would be the war among all countries of the world. And every state will leave no stone unturned to prevent the war between the sworn enemies.

  • Kim Jong Un still does NOT have the bomb

    It's NOT Donald Trump who is to blame for the somewhat increased yet still unlikely chance of nuclear war with North Korea, but rather ex-president Barack Obama. Obama's relaxation of sanctions imposed on North Korea allowed the country to escalate its nuclear program and attempt to build nukes. HOWEVER, they tried, and failed, time and time again (thank God). If Trump resumes sanctions and backs them up firmly, nuclear war will no doubt be off the table for Kim.

  • Kim Seems Crazy, And That's The Point.

    Everyone is always worried that Kim Jong Un will launch a nuclear missile at the US. Kim Jong Un wants to be the wildcard in modern politics. He purposefully threatens the US and other countries so that those countries will stand down on whatever they threatened to do. Be that sanctions, invasion, or something else. Every time that we fear his threats, he wins.

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