• Yes, internation commerce has a domino effect.

    The saying goes that every action has a reaction. This is especially true when you are talking about international commerce. What Russia does will have an affect on the European economy and eventually the world economy. The countries immediately bordering Russia will feel the effects more quickly, but eventually the entire continent will be affected.

  • Yes it can.

    With them not trading with other countries this can hurt those countries. Some countries depend on products from others that help their economy and for items they can not produce. then them not trading them will catch up and hurt others in the long run. It may take a little while but it eventually will.

  • Trade War in Russia and Europe Could Prove Costly

    Every side in a trade war between Europe and Russia would have dire consequences for the global economy. Both countries are heavy players in the economy, and they could easily inflict tons of economic damage upon each other. The two sides should work to avoid a trade war due to those consequences.

  • How Russia's conflict with Ukraine threatens vital European trade links

    Russia was “open for business”, he would declare, listing 10 reasons why investors should flock to the former Communist state.
    But things have never been smooth for the Russian Bear, and just days before Medvedev was due to deliver his speech, headlines about his appearance in Davos quickly transformed to news that a terrorist bomb in Moscow had rocked Russia’s busiest airport and killed 37 people.
    Three years later, Medvedev has been replaced by Vladimir Putin, but the world’s eighth largest economy is still in the headlines for controversial reasons. Tensions with Ukraine threaten to tear apart the smaller nation, with Crimea, located in the south-east of the country, due to hold a referendum next we

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