• Sanctions could be very effective to any country

    Every country needs to have and show respect from a worldwide perspective to increase peace among countries. But when you have countries like Iran looking to use nuclear weapons and promote violence sanctions may be able to send a strong message. The message can bring order to restore some sort of rationality for this country.

  • Extreme sanctions would work.

    Sanctions imposed against Iran can work. They would have to be pretty severe for this to happen, but they would still be effective. Denying trade with Iran on raw materials necessary to the survival of their people would be the most effective sanction. If Iran's president cannot even get food into the country, his own people would see him as an ineffective leader.

  • Sanctions against Iran could definitely work

    Sanctions against Iran could definitely work. Over time, we might have to impose even stricter sanctions that would force Iran to rethink its position and what it intends to do with its Nuclear program. So far, the sanctions have been successful to some degree, but even stricter sanctions might be necessary to derail Iran's Nuclear program which intends to build Nuclear Weapons.

  • More Likely To Now

    I believe sanctions imposed against Iran are more likely to work now, than they did in the past. With a new president Iran seems far more willing to open its doors and its nuclear program to be checked by the world. I believe this shows promise and I hope it will lead to a time when we no longer have to impose sanctions on Iran.

  • Sanctions could work against Iran

    Sanctions could work against Iran, and they have worked many times in the past. When the said sanctions are crippling enough, it puts strains on the leaders and forces them to make decisions. That's why they work. Is it the best tactic in the world? No. But it is a much better alternative to war.

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