Could students be admitted to medical school with fabricated resumes?

  • It Must Happen

    People have been admitted to schools and hired for very high-ranking jobs with fabricated resumes. There is simply no convincing reason to believe that medical schools would be any more immune to these types of deceits than any other sphere would be. It certainly has happened in medical school as well.

  • Students could be admitted to medical school with fabricated resumes

    Medical schools should have very strict procedures in place to assure every resume submitted by a potential student is completely factual. Fabricated resumes are a potential problem for medical school because a student could be admitted that doesn't completely meet the requirements of the university. Fraud in all forms should be protected against.

  • If they are not vetted.

    Yes, students could be admitted to medical school with fabricated resumes, because they are not true just because the student writes something down. As long as there has been school there has been cheating. People need to make sure that the applicant wrote things that are true on their resume.

  • I Really Doubt It

    I do not believe students can get into medical school with fabricated resumes. Having applied at colleges and schools, they all require transcripts directly from the educational offices. You can't fake and hide things in their process because they go right around you to the source. Fake resumes and credientials may have worked in the 1950s, but you're destined to fail in today's world.

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