Could the 2017 AG13 asteroid have caused severe destruction if it made impact on Earth?

  • Yes, an impact would have been devastating.

    Yes, the 2017 AG13 asteroid could have caused serious destruction and devastation had it made an impact on Earth. According to scientists, it was a close shave. A building-size asteroid flew between our planet and our moon. Had it penetrated our atmosphere, it would have caused some level of harm and devastation.

  • It could knock things off balance.

    Even if the asteroid is smaller than the earth, it could have caused severe destruction if it made impact with Earth. This is because the asteroid could knock things out of balance. The asteroid could land in the ocean and cause a tsunami, or it could cause ocean levels to rise around the world.

  • It is unlikely that 2017 AG13 would have caused severe destruction if it had made impact.

    2017 AG13 was estimated to be between 36 and 111 feet wide. Though it could have caused considerable damage if it had hit a populated area it is far from being big enough to cause significant global damage. The astroid that exploded over Russia in 2013 that injured around 1000 people was estimated to be 65 feet wide, so if it had hit earth 2017 AG13 we could have expected similar damage.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    They can range from a few meters to several kilometres across. Some are made of ice. Others rubble. Some can be almost pure metal. The Planetary Society believes only 60 per cent of near-Earth objects bigger than 1.5km have so far been spotted. The number of smaller objects is many times this.
    But the chances of a “potentially hazardous” asteroid impact on Earth in the next 100 years is just 0.01 per cent, the White House document says.
    Roughly five new asteroids are being discovered every day.

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