Could the allied invasion of France on D-Day 1944 be considered a failure, because the Allies did not meet all objectives?

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  • D-Day was a success.

    Someone thinks that because not all objectives were met on D-Day that the entire operation was a failure? That is amusing. Apparently this person has never served in the military. If anything goes to plan at all, and the result is victory (we won WWII) then the operation was a success. Some things in a plan are doomed to failure and succeed. Units are committed to slow an enemy's progression, and instead halts it. A squad is sent out to locate a rogue tank and stumbles across the entire enemy force. These are not congruent with the outlined objective within the plan, but the result is still a success. "The problem with American military doctrine is that even the American military doesn't follow it." ~Russian Strategist

  • No, it achieved its prime objectives of saving lives and shortening the war

    The Allied invasion of France on D-day was a screaming
    success. It led to a quick confrontation with the German forces, and ultimately
    to a relatively rapid end to the war. Although the planning and execution of
    the D-day invasion was not perfect, the coordinated attack still counts as the
    highest kind of victory, because it saved lives by shortening a terrible war.

  • No, as the strategic goal was met.

    It would seem to be ridiculous to even propose this as a serious question. Ths invasion established a previous unhad beachhead on the western shores of Germany's Empire. The strategic goal being met of establishing said beachhead far outweighs the minor goals not being met. It can rightly and very well be argued that without this victory then World War 2 would have been lost to the Allies due to the fact that this successful invasion gave the Russians a much needed respite by giving Hitler a new front to divert troops to.

  • They met most objectives.

    No, the allied invasion of France on D-Day 1944 should not be considered a failure, because the Allies did not meet all objectives, because the Allies met most of their objectives. the invasion that day set the stage for the ending of the war. It also sent the message that the United States was willing to do whatever it took to defend freedom and defeat Germany.

  • Objective Was to Win the War

    The objective of D-Day was to win the war, which the Allies did in the spring of the following year. The invasion of France on June 6, 1944, wasn't a failure because the troops were able to secure the beach despite the first wave being largely massacred. Once the troops got a foothold on Normandy, the Germans had no chance of winning.

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