Could the Brexit potentially be beneficial for the UK population?

Asked by: warhol113
  • Regain national identity

    By regaining political control of our destiny, The UK population can focus on holding the 'government of the day' to the task of providing what ALL areas of the country needs, Without that being overshadowed by bureaucratic observance of EU law. The UK will become a much more diverse and dynamic country as a result - and no, It won't happen overnight. . .

  • Dissolve the EU.

    The undemocratic bureaucracy in the middle of the European Union is a cancer that is to be attacked. Articles 11 and 13 were when I realized that the EU, In many aspects, Is not only like China, But is just as bad as China. Is it really healthy to have your country answer to another legislative entity beyond your country? The UN isn't nearly as authoritarian. The only reason to keep the EU alive is because of Russia to the East, And even so Britain's a good way off from Russia.

  • Hell is a Bureaucracy

    Many of the "jobs lost" are paper-pushing, And activity lost will be replaced by people working in the regular markets. It is also an important exercise to reaffirm national sovereignty in a world where supra-national entities spread their fingers wherever possible. Such exercises are important for their own sake from time to time because otherwise the state falls into totalitarianism.

  • It is destroying Britain

    Lately, The British people have been dealing with the pressing issue of withdrawal from the European Union (EU), Known as the “divorce bill” and whether they should have begun the Brexit process at all (Brexit: a really simple guide). The Brexit process is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK), Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, From the EU (Hunt and Wheeler). The “Br” coming from Britain and combined with exit, Brexit has become the common term when referring to the withdrawal. The Conservatives, With David Cameron as Prime Minister, In order to win more votes, Ran on an EU Membership referendum platform. In June 2016, After Cameron’s reelection, The country voted 52-48 in favor to leave in the referendum (Hunt and Wheeler). The vote began the long detrimental process of the UK’s withdrawal. From the referendum to today, Brexit has had horrible impacts on Great Britain. The Brexit process has been ruinous to Britain. While Brexit still could be successful, The withdrawal has had disastrous effects politically, Economically and socially. The process has caused a polarization of the British public, Devaluing of the sterling pound and uncertainty in British trade, And it has caused strife in all areas of government.

  • England is Finished this is how she dies

    This is how an old society dies, Britain is a sick old dog that will crawl away and die, Look at Ireland once poor and oppressed without out the yolk of England she thrives while the old Master sputters and coughs with no productive slaves to live off. . Please die England no one care about you any more.

  • Do you think it would be more beneficial or detrimental?

    While there may be a few advantages to the Brexit, I find it very unnecessary. From now on, It could only go wrong and Theresa May has brought the UK to its now inevitable so-called "economic disaster". For example, The Panasonic Corp is to move its European headquarters from London to Amsterdam in October to avoid potential tax issues linked to the Brexit. This is a loss of hundreds of jobs, Which is definitely detrimental to the UK population. Even though the flow of immigrants are stemmed, This could be highly detrimental to the availability of jobs in the UK, Especially London where the headquarters are located. It's not a surprise that other companies move their headquarters to other countries of the EU as well, Which results in more job loss. In my opinion, The Brexit is definitely one of the biggest downfalls the UK has experienced and it's a shame that the population of the UK even voted that it would be a good idea. Now, The citizens of the UK, As well as the EU, Will suffer multiple difficulties and struggles over the next few years. Now that the Brexit is leaning towards a no-deal, This is a very precarious situation and it will be difficult for the prime minister to pull this one off.

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