Could the drastic fall and halt of Chinese stock trading have a severe impact on the American economy?

  • Chinese stock trading has a severe impact on the American economy

    Whether rising or falling, the Chinese stock market has a big impact on the American economy, as we are witnessing in the opening days of 2016. Economies are no longer local, and the economy is now world based. No country is immune from the ripple effects of a faltering economy.

  • Yes, Size Does Matter

    China currently has the second largest GDP, right behind the USA. At that size, economic fluctuations at a national level are bound to have some degree of global impact, especially with two countries as economically intertwined as China and the USA. As long as most of our goods have "Made in China" stamped on them, we are bound to share each others rises and falls.

  • Yes, the Chinese economy heavily impacts the American economy.

    Yes, I believe that the fall of the Chinese stock market will have a severe impact on the American economy. China is America's greatest trade partner and historically, America's stock market mirror China's in its rises and falls. The halt of Chinese stock trading foreshadows a severe impact on America's stock trading in the near future.

  • Yes it could

    I think it definitely could. We've already seen the effect the Chinese stock market has on the US stock market. Everytime it drops rapidly, the US market is losing Billions of dollars. This means the net worth of people are rapidly dropping. This can't be good for the overall economy.

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