Could the Ebola virus be regarded as a substantial threat to reduce the worldwide population?

  • Come on, there...

    Come on, there have been 2 BILLION more people in the world in the past 5 years. If there was no decrease-population strategy, well then eventually we would have too many people to give survival needs. Did you know that by 2200 that if there is no decrease-population strategy then there would be about 250 Billion people in the world. How are we supposed to support life on this planet by then, assuming that we dont get any supplies from another planet that far in the future?

  • Yes it could.

    The Ebola virus, like any virus really, does pose a threat. From what I understand we do not really have a cure for it right now or have a good preventive way to avoid it. It should be treated more seriously to keep our people safe and healthy and free from harm.

  • A High Death Rate

    Given that any instance of an Ebola breakout includes extremely high death rates, I would say that it should be regarded as a substantial threat to reduce the worldwide population. If the virus did have an outbreak that covered a large area of the world it would no doubt impact the population in an adverse way.

  • Ebola can cause widespread death

    The Ebola virus could be regarded as a substantial threat to reduce the worldwide population. If Ebola is not controlled in the countries it is most prevalent in, then there is no limit to the destruction it can cause in other parts of the world. Airplane and boat travel can cause the spread of disease very quickly, so we best squash Ebola when we can.

  • We can stop it

    No, I do not think this disease will ever reduce the population enough to matter. If it begins to affect a lot of people, then scientists can find a cure that will help with the disease and it can be diminished. I do not think we need to worry about it.

  • While severe, currently the Ebola virus is not regarded as a substantial threat worldwide.

    No, the Ebola virus should not be regarded as a worldwide threat to reduce population. The Ebola virus is severe, no doubt, but the presence of the virus is limited to certain geographic areas, for now. These areas do not include the most populous places in the world (major metropolitan areas).

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