Could the Ebola virus be used by a government as a weapon against its own people?

  • It could be but that would be dumb

    From the sounds of things, they would have to inject many animals to spread the disease. It would not be very effective considering the disease might come back on them. Another reason they would never do it is because it would hurt the economy. Government officials love money to much.

  • Any Virus Can Become A Weapon

    Many countries can boast of their capable research scientists. Their governments are also capable of using knowledge, discovered by these scientists for good and evil purposes, without anyone other than those working on such a plan knowing anything about the plan's existence. Even though, it is terrible to think that a country's government would carry out such terrible acts on its own people, the possibility of a government unleashing Ebola on its people does exist, though such an act would most likely result in extreme backlash, once discovered by the rest of the world.

  • Yes, I think the Ebola virus could be used by a Government as a weapon against it's own people

    I think a rogue Government could chemically engineer the Ebola virus to infect it's own citizens, I think a Government would only do something like this in an extreme action to try to contain a group of people who are trying to overthrow them, I don't think that type of behavior should ever be tolerated.

  • Yes, Ebola can be used against a government's own people.

    I definitely think that some governments are more than capable of taking something like the Ebola virus and using it as a weapon against its own people. I think that weaponizing biological weapons are something a lot of modern societies are interested in doing for their own political and military reasons.

  • Yes, it could.

    It could be used against it's own people, but it never should be used against anyone. Using such a terrible thing on people is a crime against humanity and should be treated as such. Very few or no modern government would protect the use of or use such a thing themselves.

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