• Agree, the WHO & CDC are downplaying the risks..

    Emery University Hospital, as well as the CDC's track record in containing contagious diseases in the past is less than stellar, imo.
    Jul 11, 2014 - The CDC influenza laboratory is now closed and will not reopen ... That led to contamination of another avian influenza virus by the H5N1 virus.

  • Ebola and sustainibility

    We have in recent years seen and heard an almost religious fervor surrounding the doctrine of sustainibility. What a convinient coincidence for those who militantlz argue for a massive reduction in world population to see the potential of a pandemic with EBOLA. A virus who may be capable of doing similar damage to humanity as the infamous Black Death or Plague in the Middle Ages.

  • A worldwide threat

    We should all be really worried. The reason you don't hear that much about it on the news and the reason its not blown out of proportion is because the goverment doesn't want us all to panic but the truth is this ebola virus is deadly and spreads easily. There are 30 potential countries currently infected including China and the US. If the virus spreads rapidly in either of them countries it won't end well and there will be no way to stop it.

  • The Ebola Outbreak is Serious - all countries with Ebola should be quarantined and all travel stopped except for medical purposes

    With over 1000 people infected and over 600 deaths the countries with any sick or dead should be quarantined and no travel should be allowed. As much medical support as possible should be given and any new countries should be added to the quarantined list. We are one plane flight, boat ride away from a global pandemic with 70%+ fatalities.

  • Yes, I believe Ebola can become a pandemic

    I have been following the news on Ebola since March, and I was concerned then. I am sad that it is just now big news. It really had not made the news until two Americans came down with the virus. According to interviews with the doctor's colleagues, friends, he was fastidious in regards to decontamination protocol. The woman was decontaminating people coming out of the quarantine unit. Both were careful yet were infected.. From the 70's the virus has evolved, it would kill an entire village in a week or so, too deadly to travel very far so it was contained to brief out breaks. Today it has a longer incubation period, it is continuing to evolve. It has evolved into different variants and one could go airborne, and could survive longer on a variety of surfaces in order to find a host. It is a virus,highly adaptable, continually evolving. Our ability to control viruses is lacking. Our flu shots are a scientific shot in the the dark, an annual choosing of what breakout flu variant for the flu season which may or may not be the correct one and then the vaccines are incubated in eggs. It is a very long process. There are some anti viruls, it is apparent those are not effective against Ebola. One time I got a simple virus, pink eye, somewhere during the day I touched a surface that was contaminated, and touched my eye, it was that easy. There are a lot of unknowns with this virus, as it changes, who knows what it can evolve into, it could go away, or it might end the lives of half the world's population.

  • Potentially, but unlikely.

    The most concerning fact is that it is difficult to detect and diagnose in the early stages. If the symptoms were immediate, then confinement of the victim, and containment of the disease is more likely to occur. Because of it's initial ambiguity, that being similar to flu, people will be less conscientous when met with victims with symptoms. However a worldwide pandemic I feel is highly unlikely, and if it does progress to a detrimental stage, America will probably resort to a full blown nuclear attack in an effort to kill those infected.

  • Ebola does exist, it can be transported via lots of bodily fluids, and with a 90% fatality rate, is very nasty.

    Ebola is a rod shaped virus, and there are electron microscope pictures of it on CDC's webite. It does exist.
    It can be transferred via blood, vomit, saliva, mucus, and even semen. That makes it dangerous. A sneeze, a kiss, even sexual intercourse within a few weeks of exposure- all dangerous. Survival rate of 1 out of 10 people- hell yes it could be a worldwide pandemic.
    Furthermore, symptoms occur between 2-21 days of exposure. That means up to 3 weeks after you sat on that airplane and someone sneezed in the seat next to you, the virus they transferred can hide in your body, transmitting viral RNA to others, and replicating in your body freely. Ebola has no cure. The treatment is pretty much what you get for a flu - anti inflammatory meds and Gatorade. For violent hemorrhagic (bleeding out, essentially) fever. Even then, 9 out of 10 people will die horrific, messy deaths.
    Ebola should frighten people to their toes, not be something bandied about, especially after there is a confirmed case of a victim traveling via airflight to a country not experiencing the outbreak yet.
    Take it from a Biochemist, we should be watching this Ebola outbreak with just as much intent as the State of Israel and the Ukrainian/Russian border fighting.

  • I think the WHO is downplaying the Ebola breakout

    I think that the W.H.O. Is downplaying the Ebola outbreak. I believe that due to air and ship travel that it is very possibly spread further that anyone knows about or that the governments want to tell everyone. If it came out today that it had spread to several other countries and was killing over half of those infected than there would be mass hysteria.
    However, if it breaks lose and spreads rapidly than it will be all over the
    news and there will be panic worldwide. Hundreds of international flights arrive in the U.S. everyday. All it would take is a sick person on one flight infecting the whole plane, those infected going into restaurants, schools,etc. You see my point.

  • Ignorance of safety procedures spreads viruses

    Long before the proper containment procedures were put into place, the virus was being spread by ordinary people who were unaware of what they were doing. If you look at the history of this disease and its migratory tendencies, you'll see a common pattern among viruses: spread. It takes only a few people getting onto planes/ other forms of transport to create new hot-spots which in turn increase in size. In our mobile, modern world, the old spread patterns of diseases and viruses are changed by the ubiquity of transportation.

  • Yes, Ebola could cause a pandemic.

    While there may be some preventative measures in place, the virus is currently spreading rapidly through Africa and there are unconfirmed reports that it may have spread into Europe. The danger of Ebola lies not necessarily in what it does to victims in its final stages but what it looks like when it begins. On Monday, someone can go to the doctor exhibiting flu-like symptoms and by Friday, the person is bleeding out of every orifice of their body because the virus has shredded their blood cells. By the time doctors and scientists realize what they have on their hands, the virus has begun to spread to other countries and they have a potential continent-wide or potentially world-wide pandemic on their hands.

  • Ebola will not be global!

    Ebola is very deadly however so far it is all in Africa and only one or two people have died from it outside from Africa. All hospitals worldwide are all on alert so if anyone has symptoms of ebola then they would be tested and put in isolation. And so Ebola might infect a few people around the world (Europe, Asia, USA ect.) and most of it will stay in Africa.

  • The only reason it is spreading is due too lack of education

    The only reason it is spreading is due too religous beliefs in treating the body post death....Which is when the virus is MOST contagious. Lack of education. The virus runs it's coarse after 21 days anyway. Lock down air travel for 21 days.....And you solve the problem. Sure we may start a ressession, companies may go bankrupt...But at least we will survive. Heck, we shut down American airspace for 7 days after 9/11. Whats to stop another 14 days? Nothing. We will overcome this. No problem. We are smart, educated, we work hard and we love life, humans will overcome this.....Just like the spanish flu, World Wars, terrorism....And exploring space. We will win this battle....

  • High Mortality and Slow Transmission Rates Make for an Unsuccessful Pandemic Virus

    While Ebola is a dangerous and highly lethal virus, it's relatively short incubation period, limited means of transmission and extremely high mortality rate results in outbreaks that tend to burn themselves out quickly. A successful pandemic virus would need to infect a great many people before the symptoms overwhelm the patient. Ebola simply kills too fast. The current outbreak is being driven primarily by lack of adequate medical infrastructure and people actively avoiding proper medical care. In an controlled environment, it would be quickly contained.

  • Ebola does not exist

    I do not believe that ebola exist. I believe it is the government trying to control us. They want us to pay attention to alleged 'threat' somewhere in Africa, while in fact we should really fear what happens in our homeland. Did you know that this year they have built 4 brand new FEMA concentration camps, all while we've been looking for external threats?

  • It is under control.

    No, the Ebola virus could not cause a worldwide pandemic, because the United States and other health organizations have already found ways to combat the virus to prevent it from spreading. The Ebola virus is not strong enough to present a world wide problem, and there are already preventative measures in place.

  • The virus is not airborne

    I think people are getting a bit excited here without looking at the facts. One person getting on a plane is not likely to spread the virus to a whole plane or even one person because you need prolonged contact through blood or other body fluids, if the person is not yet bleeding or dribbling all over other passengers they won't pass it on! There are examples of people getting on planes with hemoragic fevers who didn't transmit to anyone else.
    You also have to consider where the outbreak is and how many international flights are going out there every day. In Guinea it's only 10% of their flights and they are not that big an airport in the first place.
    Also the better medical care and procedures could isolate the virus if it did arrive in Europe or the US and stop it spreading better than in Africa where they just have to put up makeshift tent hospitals.
    Of course there is a chance it could spread but unless ebola mutates and can be spread through sneezing and coughing, it would not likely cause a pandemic.

  • Cultural practices in Africa support transmission

    Ebola virus is spread through contact with body fluids. Vomit, blood, etc. A major reason that this virus outbreak, and others like it, have become epidemics is due to poor education on the methods of disease transmission. Rural communities do not take the proper precautions with diseased bodies or individuals, and become infected. I do not believe this virus could become global to any large extent, because the cultural practices of large swaths of the world do not support the same amount of contact with diseased individuals or their corpses.

  • Why worry about Ebola when...

    ...The CDC estimates that from the 1976-1977 season to the 2006-2007 flu season, flu-associated deaths ranged from a low of about 3,000 to a high of about 49,000 people. [per annum Flu-associated deaths that occurred in the United States]. i.e. Each and EVERY year you have had contact with someone who gets the flu (not that they necessarily die!) but are you panicking about that? No. Ignorance = fear, apathy = death.

  • Highly unlikely, not impossible but greater bio-threats exist

    Incubation period relatively rapid, patient immobility high (due to debilitating symptoms), limited vectors of transmission (body fluids - NO reasonable scientific evidence for airborne), low propensity for mutation. Ebola is exceedingly dangerous and should never be taken lightly. But influenza or smallpox - they're the most likely to reach pandemic proportions. Finally the conspiracy theorists are full of it. Ebola exists - I've viewed a specimen under magnification myself.

  • I doubt it.

    If you look at it, Ebola isn't as deadly as we think it is. The only reason Ebola is at a current high is because it is easier for the virus to spread from person to person. For example a big way is through international airports which brings me to my next point, The reason the Ebola virus is taking so many lives currently is because it usually will break out in big city and/or towns making is much easier for the virus to transfer.

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