Could the explosion on TWA Flight 800 have been a method to murder any of the prominent people who were on board the airplane?

  • Evidence suggests an external event

    But as to whether the external event was an accident, or a pre-planned targeting by the military, is starting to grasp for straws. Has anyone analyzed the passenger list? I haven't researched that aspect yet, but to this point I do believe there is a government cover up for; question is for what reason?

  • It's completely possible.

    Yes, the explosion on TWA Flight 800 could have been a method to murder any of the prominent people who were on board the airplane, because there were a number of people that the government might have wanted dead. The government never really gave a clear answer as to what caused the explosion. They have some answers they need to give.

  • Yes, anything is possible

    Flight TWA 800 and its official story, like all modern official stories coming from the corporate controlled media and government, should be viewed with a high degree of skepticism. It is entirely possible that the explosion could have been an orchestrated attempt to eliminate prominent individuals on board. The CIA, FBI and other para-military forces are certainly capable of carrying out such heinous acts, and have the resources at their disposal to do so. It would not be the first time in history something like this occurred, nor will it be the last.

  • TWA 800 was a tragedy, but not an assasination.

    The TWA 800 tragedy was attributed to an explosion somewhere in, on or near the fuel tanks kept in the wings of the plane. Beyond that, the public is unsure. The cause of this explosion officially was a short circuit of a wire that ignited the vapors in the fuel tank. This is a possible cause. Speculation can provide numerous other explanations. These are much less likely and no evidence supports the theories aside from speculation.

  • No, not at all.

    The conspiracy theories swirling around the TWA Flight 800 have gotten way out of control and to the point where people speaking of them start to sound like quacks. It's the same story with the September 11 conspiracy theorists and people who think there is the illuminati running the world.

  • Simply An Air Disaster

    I do not believe the explosion of the TWA Flight 800 was a planned attack to murder any of the prominent people who were on board the airplane. Terrorism was suspected following the crash but a 16 month investigation by the FBI yielded no evidence. The most likely reason for the fuel tank explosion was a short circuit.

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