• TWA Flight 800 could have been caused by the US military.

    The United States has the power to pull off advanced Covert Operations. There is much debate as to weather or not 911 was caused by American CIA agents to this day. For what purpose, for what reason these operations are done, only higher ups know. Just because we are told something is one way, does not mean it happened another. We need to ask questions.TWA Flight 800 was a strange circumstance. Anything is possible.

  • It could very well have been initiated by the U.S.

    Anything is possible. If you look at other incidences such as the Newtown school shooting, where there are so many different theories with very, very little evidence to show what actually happened. Yes the authorities gave us a story and we are blind to the fact: people lie. It's what we do. Government agencies are certainly not an exception to that.

  • That is the rumor online.

    The rumor online was that the TWA Flight 800 was hit by a missile belonging to our military. There were statements that the missile was visible in the sky seconds before the explosion. I think this was very likely what happened, but I think it was an accidental firing. I do not believe it was intentional. But it will never be publicly confirmed.

  • The most likely explanation is that TWA 800 had a malfunction or collision.

    Much was made of TWA 800 going down and no one is 100% sure of the cause, but there is no reason to think it was an intential act. There are two reasons: 1) no other nation or group took credit for the crash and 2) if it was U.S. military, what purpose did shooting down a flight serve?

  • No, the explosion of the TWA Flight 800 was not initiated by the USA.

    I do not think that the explosion of TWA Flight 800 was initiated by the military of the United States of America. I do not tend to believe conspiracy theories like these. And the fact that there are no evidence to prove it, I just don't waste much time to thinking about it.

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