Could the Guardians of the Galaxy defeat Obi Won/Anakin with the High Ground?

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  • Obi won or anakin would win.

    You got a tree that can cut down and burned with a lightsaber. You got a human that has a blastor and no armor. You have a raccoon that can uses weapons and you have green alien that uses swords and knifes and a strong blue alien.
    I think a jedi would win especially if they have a high ground.

  • Wait, The high ground?

    I heard of a dude that used the high ground to defeat his apprentice who later became Darth Vader but could Obi Won use the same advantage to defeat Peter Quill and his gang? I could see Anakin force choking them all to death but Obi Won is on the light side and he may not do that but he force powers (So why did he not foresee order 66) so Starlord may have a chance but I don't know for sure.

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