• The Hillary Clinton email scandal is worse than Edward Snowden's leak

    While it is true that both Hillary Clinton and Edward Snowden compromised national security through the leaking of sensitive information, the two are very different - and the email scandal that has plagued Clinton is actually worse. Clinton casually revealed the names of undercover agents on a private email server that could be hacked by anyone, whereas Edward Snowden was performing vigilante justice for the good of our country as he revealed just how bad NSA surveillance is.

  • Don't be ridiculous

    Hillary's private email server shows a great lack of responsibility at worst and a poor decision at best, but there's nothing to suggest it's more of a threat than what Snowden did. Even then, Snowden's actions have largely been more helpful than hurtful to the public at large. There's nothing to worry about!

  • Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Cannot Compare to Snowden

    Hillary Clinton and her email scandal is a reflection of the stupidity of the email usage. Emails were investigated and released, and the Snowden scandal was not solely an email issue. Snowden was able to reveal documents through computer systems and not only just the computer systems but documents obtained from emails, files and videos. There were no extreme secretive emails from Hillary, like there was Snowden.

  • We would know by now if it was

    If there was anything dangerous about Hillary Clinton's emails, we would have heard about them by now. There's no way that they could be swept under the rug if there were national security issues involved. It happened, it's done and over with, and everybody needs to move on and let it go.

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