• Yes, it could

    Yes, I think that people are not paying enough attention to train checkups. The public vehicles - taxi, buses, trains, airplanes - should be checked every day to avoid accidents. Many times we have heard that the accident couldn't be avoided due to the technical problems of the vehicle, but why did you let that vehicle into the traffic in the first place?

  • Yes, the Hoboken train disaster could have been avoided.

    Speed and negligence are the two determining factors that resulted in the Hoboken train disaster, leaving one woman dead and over 100 commuters injured. While the investigation is still unfolding, evidence is showing that the train was travelling at 20 MPH over the standard travelling speed. If the driver had been following the standard procedures, this disaster never would have occurred.

  • Yes, the train disaster could have been avoided.

    It is likely that investigators reviewing the Hoboken train crash will find ways to have prevented the train wreck. There are always ways for improvement - especially when it comes to disasters. There might be some type of technology that could have prevented the train from hitting the platform at the station.

  • Yes, the Hoboken train disaster could have been avoided.

    Yes, the Hoboken train disaster could have been avoided if the right precautions were set in place. Only a small percentage of these trains have a braking system that works better than the braking system of this train. If it had the latest technology, it would have been able to stop.

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