• There's similarities already

    Yes it can! Obama & Hitler have many similarities already. Hitler banned guns, Obama is trying to ban them right now. Look up FEMA camps, they are very suspicious. Most are designed to keep things inside rather than out. Hitler wanted the youth to train for war, right now boy scouts are taught the same way. There's even a speech where Obama says we must be prepared if anything were to happen to this country so we can fight for ourselves. People saw Hitler as good and many people followed him and the same thing is happening with Obama.

    A little research wouldn't hurt. Was the Boston Bombings real, or a false flag? Look how easy it was for them to clear a whole area for 2 people while FEMA camps say "It's ok come with us you'll be safe here".

    There's a lot of similarities but I guess only time will tell.

  • What? America has racists? Who knew?

    Listen. I'm not saying every American is a racist/sexist/homophobe/bigot. I'm say quite a few are. Just like the germans in WWII. Sure, they have a non-prejudice president now, but what if some d-bag who hates gay people or black people gets elected because of the high amount of rednecks in the US? If you disagree with me, consider that Romney almost won, and he's about as dumb as a sack of hammers. I wouldn't be surprised if the next presidential candidates were a racist redneck and a homophobic hyper-christian. Don't get me wrong, here in Canada we've got some bad poloticians too. Steven Harper, our prime minister, is a few steps away from dictator level power madness.

  • Anyone who says "no" doesn't know their history.

    We basically had our own little version of the Holocaust here in the US during World War II. We sent 110,000 people of Japanese descent living on the Pacific coast into camps. Over 60% were American citizens. The Census Bureau even provided the government with what was supposed to be confidential address information in order to better round them up.
    Many of these people died from lack of medical care or violence from their guards. There was a huge loss in personal property and wealth, and the government's paltry gesture at reparation after the war required detailed tax documents- which the government had mostly destroyed DURING the war. Further, the government was proven in the 80s to have suppressed vital information from the Supreme Court so that their decisions in the cases brought against interment in the mid-40s (like Korematsu v. US) would be decided in favor of interment.

    As to whether this could happen today- there is legal precedent. The Korematsu v. US decision, which held that exclusion orders are constitutional, was never overturned. Former Justice Tom C. Clark wrote this about the issue:
    "The truth is—as this deplorable experience proves—that constitutions and laws are not sufficient of themselves...Despite the unequivocal language of the Constitution of the United States that the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, and despite the Fifth Amendment's command that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, both of these constitutional safeguards were denied by military action under Executive Order 9066".
    Many legal scholars agree that with the "War on Terror" and a rising (and prejudiced) fundamentalist Christian population that holds political power, the fact that these laws from the 40s are still on the books is troubling.

  • I don't see how mass murder could not happen.

    Anywhere where there are people, there can be dead people.
    Location doesn't matter.
    If there are people there, then there can be murder there.
    Just because we are America does not mean that all Jewish people couldn't be killed here.
    All it would take is some propaganda and persuasion via commercials and Americans would think Jewish people are evil like in Germany.
    If a more intelligent country was brainwashed, then it can easily happen here as well.

  • Scary thought, but it is possible.

    The way people are discriminating against others for being different makes it possible. People are still racist, hate certain religions, hate people with a different sexuality, etc. It is possible that one day a genocide of a race or religion or whatever may happen. And I'm sorry, but to the person comparing Obama to Hitler, you're pathetic.

  • I can happen and all they need is the common.

    The American History can report its own history with the Japanese and to another culture. Just look at the outburst of American after 911, we leave behind our own wisdom, belief and ourselves. But it is more scary when we are silence and not will in to speak out knowing what is being done wrong is inhuman. "History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people," Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Yes, the Holocaust could happen in the United States.

    The Holocaust is happening in the United States right now. Black people are trying to exterminate the black race. There is no other reason that can explain all of the black on black murders and crime. It is an epidemic. I have no idea how to stop this horrible thing.

  • People are stupid...Your stupid!

    Just by taking a step back and observing society....Its very easy to depict how crazy and stupid we really are.

    Whether it's: planking, waffle frisbys, cone-ing, shuffling, Gangnam styling or harlem shaking....We catch onto a craze no matter how ridiculous and run with it.

    If you are cool with the clustering of conflicting opinions ie. Gender equality, racial equality, sexual equality....Basic communism. Then you are advocating for a world where people are restricted from being exceptional.

    You realise how the media controls the way you think?

    You watch a movie with a priest raping young choir boys....You suddenly think all preists are pedophile rapists..

    You listen to your fave celebrity speaking on how gay marriage should be legalized (not realizing they are just after extending their fanbase into the gay community to make more $$) you suddenly start thinking the same way.....

    Lady gaga wears some 15 inch heals, 10 pounds of foundation and a dress with clocks on it....Suddenly you feel you have to do the same to be beautiful.

    Your not using that big beautiful brain you have in your head.

    Its irrational thinking, and partly why people shouldn't be able to govern a country based on opinion polls.

    With all the tension happening in the US (which is essentially a giant social experiment gone wrong) theres bound to be a civil war or holocaust.

    Whether its in 50 years when minorities become the majorities (demographically) or whether its in the next two weeks....Whether your Hispanic, white, black or Asian....A crazy man eventually appears and gives the people a common enemy...

    Really multi-culturalism doesn't work the way its been set up....Forced intergration with no exceptions...

    A system based more like a federation (perhaps American states recognizing as separate countries but working together like the EU) would work much better for racial problems..

    Why would you kill a bunch of jews when you can just run off to an all german country with no immigration policies? Lives could be saves if we just invoke a more separatist type of societal layout.

  • Hitler had dogs, Obama's dog was almost kidnapped

    Yes it can, you see Hitler had a dog, Dogs are the leading pets of america, Hitler shot his dog to kill it, the number one way to kill a dog today is through an injection, or a vaccination, if you will... Vaccinations cause autism, and everyone who says no obviously has Autism. Vaccinations are required by law in America, s o we can remain ignorant, like the Jews. And look where that how that turned out..... OBAMA IS LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!!! Anyone who has even a shred of intelligence can see that Obama is not From America, but from Germany.

  • It might happen, given theright conditions

    The right wing and extremist rhetoric fits. Comparing gays to dog, anti-gay rallies and conferences, anti-trans comments, candidates talking about shutting down mosques r giving ID cards to Syrian refugees, Christians claiming they're being prosecuted. All it takes it the right person and similar-minds, and they look the other way.

  • No, not in the near future

    I dont see how the holocaust is going to happen again. With all the checks and balances, constitution, and bill of rights i dont see how it is going to be possible. When hitler came to power everyone was brainwashed and went along with it. Now that we know what the outcome was i dont think is going to happen in the U.S.

  • Hell nah bra

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  • No. The Constitution won't allow it!

    Here in the United States there are many laws that state freedom of religion. Obama would probably use the trained soldiers to kill the leader. The Constitution would stop it. The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion.

  • No because all of the people who say yes have zero idea of why they are arguing.

    The reason that this couldn't happen is because historically speaking no one wants to repeat such a dramatic event in history and the fact that we have advanced technologies that allow us to keep track of what's going on via satellites. Our World War II experience with the Japanese containment camps was nothing close to the holocaust we did not force them to do dangerous jobs with the consequence of being shot if you did not perform the job you were given, we also did not take all of their belongings when we detained them, we basically told them that they had to moved to the camps they were not separated from their family. We also paid all the people that were sent to these camps back all in compensation. I really don't think that the Jewish people were given anything back or even treated nicely afterwards. My final point being the fact that there is not enough free room for the government or anyone to make a single camp let alone multiple camps without anyone seeing it and saying something.

  • No way its inhumane

    Look at the facts people. We are way way WAAAYYYY better off than Russia, and nothing like this is coking over there. All these supposed FEMA death camps, its either A: nothing is there. B: It's a crumbling old Mill or Railyard. C: its a military base of operations. No possible way that this could happen. This has been floating around for 8 years, and none of this has ever happened. Case Closed.

  • Ever heard the term, "Never forget"?

    Everybody knows the Holocaust was awful. Everyone agrees. The reason we learn about it is so we never allow that to happen again. Here in America, people would never let somebody round up all the blacks/gays/Hispanics/etc and send them off to some mysterious place, never to be heard from again. The Germans listened to Hitler because they were willing to believe anyone who said he could help them. Their economy was so devastated bread prices could change in a matter of hours. Our economy is bad, but not NEARLY that bad. People aren't starving in the streets. Even if that happened, there is something called CHECKS AND FREAKING BALANCES. If one branch of government gets the idea to kill an entire group of people, the other branches have the power to stop them. Hitler had complete control over Germany- our governments power is split among hundreds of people, nearly all of whom would kick out whoever suggested, "let's kill everyone in group x".

  • I would like to think no... So I will pick no.

    Although I could argue either side, I would like to believe that despite the growing belief that America as a whole is unaware of events (political), we are able to see something as drastic as a "holocaust" type event occurring. We have the power of social media, and protesting and I (would like to) believe that in the event of something like a holocaust happening, we would be able to spread the word and begin an "occupy"/99%/etc. Protest and prevent it before it would get to too large of an extent. In addition, this nation is becoming extremely thin-skinned, and is stepping very carefully around political-UNcorrectness. If a leader/president/representative were to offend a group, and didn't apologize, there would be public outcry, and the person would be kicked out (again... Hopefully). Maybe I overestimate America and its people, but for now, I still have a bit of hope.

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Ragnar says2013-07-21T13:56:50.307
Doubtful, but seems possible.