• Hulk would win

    If they grow in size hulk can knock them out with his sheer strength. If they shrink hulk can just do his famous clap and send them flying away.

    There is no real contest there. You need powerful people like Thor or captain marvel to go have a chance at beating him.

  • Wait, You gave her wings! ? ! ? ! ?

    I know Ant man and Wasp have some wit and humor and so does Banner's pal Mr. Stark. So if you make two people that can change physical size against an angry green giant that was barely defeated by the infamous Hulkbuster, Then Ant Man would get crushed unless he was fast enough to escape or turned into a giant himself. Plus Ant-Man has the power to summon ant allies that could distract the hulk and then Hulk would just tire out after a while. It could work plus Wasp has wings giving her more room to move (Not saying Ant-Man could get that advantage if he had an ant to ride on)

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