Could the Internet be used to create a direct democracy in the U.S.?

  • All technology awaits good use

    'Hacking' in the general sense of the term is already committed in the current election processes. It's just called voter fraud.

    Democracy is when everybody has a say on lawmaking, not just a system where people vote for one person to make the decisions for them. Saying 'We need a direct democracy' is like saying 'I saw a black crow.' We need a democracy.

  • It's almost there already.

    We have so many sites that are devoted to voting on mundane issues, why not use something like that to put the voting power directly in the hands of the people? Sure there are some barriers, but with the advances in technology, it shouldn't be that hard to make this happen.

  • I think that the Internet is the best way to reform the voting system which will make it easy to create a direct democracy. .

    The current voting system has a lot of problems and loopholes that I think could be solved with an online voting system. We do so many other things online, why not vote? Obviously there would need to be a lot of security and such, but I think it would be easier to protect against fraud if it was all done with one electronic system. We could maybe do something like a database that allows one vote for every citizen over 18. This system could easily create a direct democracy, which I think is a lot more fair then the electoral college system. In a direct democracy, everyone's vote truly would count!

  • We have the technology to do so.

    I think that it is pretty easy to say that the Internet could indeed be used to create a direct democracy in the United States. We certainly have the technology to do so, that's for sure. The more important question is whether or not such a thing is a good idea.

  • Anonymous the hacktivist.

    Anonymous is extremely powerful, while I don't think they would interfere I think they show that the internet can easily be changed. As a web developer I know that no matter what you do you can be hacked. No matter how good the governments website is it can and with how big the government is will be hacked.

  • I say no

    I don't think that there is enough of a technology set up here in the USA for us to do such a thing. There simply is way too much that would need to be done in terms of logistics and what not for us to have such a set up.

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