Could the Justice League win a fight against Venom?

  • Superman can thunderclap his hands to super sonic levels and kill Venom.

    Lets break it down with Venoms known feats: He has superagility, Strength, Speed, Endurance, Durability, Swims really fast underwater, Heals rapidly as well as cures cancer, Shoots webs from his hands which has tensile strength capabilities threw the roof, And can detach and reattach with his host whenever he chooses.

    Weaknesses: Intense sound, Extreme heat such as fire, Cannot survive without a living organsim, And needs to be feeded chocolate or he'll feast upon brains of anybody; including his own host.

    For this fight Venom's host will be Eddie Brock since that is his most iconic host meaning his powers are basically Spider-man's but twice as powerful.

    No matter Venom's strength, Superman will overcome it and like I mentioned early; he can just thunderclap him and he is instantly dead.

  • Venom can't survive without a host

    Venom can't live unless it infects a human or living creature. Superman would be too powerful to fall under the influence but the flash and possibly batman would be vulnerable unless they could avoid it. Wonder Woman's whips wouldn't do so good until Venom infected somebody so yeah, They wouldn't be able to win unless Venom infected somebody.

  • Unfortunately he could not

    You see even if venom infected someone powerful venom still has weakness to sound and fire. Batman and Superman would be the first people to exploit those weaknesses.
    Sure the venom could fight very ruthless but all of them are heroes and combined would take him down.
    Separately he might have a small chance if he took them out one by one and learning their weaknesses.

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