Could the new partnership between IBM and Apple mean it is all downhill for Blackberry?

  • Yes, it could

    Although I do think that Blackberry was on its way out long before this partnership, I don't think this will improve its chances any. Blackberry hasn't improved their technology for a long time. This new partnership will allow IBM and Apple to enter the data security arena and this is Blackberry's only area of strength, this will hurt them considerably.

  • Apple rules the tech world.

    Apple as a company has done so many things right from a marketing perspective that with the joining of IBM, how could anyone compete? There are many things that those two companies sharing now with each other, they will be able to blanket the market and how can anyone, not just Blakcberry, compete with that?

  • Yes the IBM Apple partnership could spell the end for Blackberry.

    Apple's biggest issue with gaining market share was their inability to break into the 'enterprise hardware' segment of the business IT (Information Technology) market. The partnership with IBM now puts Apple's hardware in the same category as HP, Dell and other makers of Wintel based hardware. It also gives them the support of the oldest and best known brand in IT.

  • IBM and Apple versus Blackberry

    There isn't a bigger parnership in the world than IBM and Apple, so it could very well spell disaster for Blackberry. However, if you make a good product, consumer demand can be an even greater influence than corporate names, even in combination. Also, personalities and conflicts between powerful entities might derail the competition of an already well-established product line.

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