Could the Russian Sleep Experiment possibly be real?

Asked by: leopard
  • Russians can do it!

    Russians have outdone everyone in these punishments and stuff. Even Stalin was a punisher! They're fierce.
    I think this must be true and there's no need for the social media and other critics blow this thing out of limits. Many kinds of tortures are known since the human civilisation. This is just one of 'em!

  • It could be true.

    The Russians in WW2 where crazy enough to do something like that, the experiments they usually did where much horrible than this one and jet you cant belive it, i think you just dont wanna.
    Maybe the cause of ripping you flesh and organs are a little bit tacky,but none of us know how did the ''Nikolayev gas'' worked,all we know is that he is neurotoxin and he can destroy neuro systm..
    Insomnia can make a lot of damage to the brain sells,it could be that insomnia with that gas can lead to condition which they describe...We will never know,but have an opend mind.

  • Yes, I think the story is plausible.

    I do not entirely believe the story, but I do believe that some thing like this may have occurred. I give it this: the results of the experiment are extremely realistic. Like, some people go mad after not sleeping for about two days, imagine POW's staying awake for 30 days?

  • It's very possible

    It's very easy to take the ruthlessness of this story and call it fiction. Mainly because nobody answering on this website could comprehend in reality the gravity of anything that happened in this story. I have no doubt there are many things in this story that were embellished but there is a good chance something like this did happen. The gas, the test, the people going insane and possibly being immune to any form of pain given the 15 day lack of sleep, food and exposure to this 'Nikolayev' gas. I'm pretty confident in saying no one on this website has any idea a gas like this existed cause I'm sure it wouldn't be something Russia would just given out knowledge about. It is also possible to live without many internal organs for a period of time and considering in this story the patience probably ripped out most of their organs around the 10th day really gives them 4 days of survival without their organs which is possible. Though I'm sure no one on this website could understand that considering I'm sure none of them have ever attempted it. A lot of this story no one can tell for sure if it's real or not they just make assumptions off the common sense they know in their own lives. I'm not going to go as far as to say this story is complete truth but I'm sure in some way this story has some truth to it and given the fact most of the things Russia did during WW2 weren't exactly world wide news i don't think anyone on this website could say to a certainty that all of this is false. It is very possible something like this happened and happened similarly to the way the story tells it. The only thing that makes this story seem like fiction is the way it was written and some inconsistencies with patient information. We'll never know, all i know is everyone on the internet thinks their genius's and they never open their minds to the possibility of something they don't understand happening. If nothing else this story would make for a chilling, creepy and disgusting movie that i would watch in an instant.

  • It could potentially happen.

    Sleep deprivation in itself can be harmful to a person's health, when you add potentially harmful substances to the mix it will make it worse. But I don't think it would have gone to that extreme though. When you think of drugs, like meth for instance, you can have delusions and paranoia and really wreck your body, lose touch with reality, etc. In a situation like this, I'm not entirely certain that this specific one happened, but I'm also not a chemist nor a scientist and I also don't know much about Russian history.

  • This story is definitely plausible.

    This story has the pretense of being set after World War Two, after the Russians captured and took control of Germany they also captured Nazi scientists, research and technology. The fact that these scientist were working on bio-genetics, cryogenics and researching nerve agents why would you not use them to your own extent. It is easily explained that some of the smartest people in the world at the time could have been working on this agent.

    We all know of what can happen when you don't have sleep, but this not the real concern. The main point f this debate is "did this gas actually exist", my view is, quite possibly. The only thing that is utter nonsense is the story of horror itself.

  • Not entirely but something like it could of happened

    The fact that people go paranoid if they haven't gotten enough sleep is true. To some extent i think it was kind do extreme but it was done in the late 1940s by Russia, which is a rather secretive country. There wasnt as good of technology or saftey precautions then so who knows?

  • With that phrasing...

    It's a bit of a "cop-out" argument with that phrasing - so for one should put yes. If you put "no" you say that:
    It couldn't be real. Aka: Impossible. No, it's not impossible. Now, is it *likely*? No, I don't think so, but it *could* be real. Think through the phrasing, people.

  • I believe its true, but maybe not every detail that happened

    Its common knowledge that Russians carry out inhumane experiments on prisoners of war. Especially when it comes to developing a stronger soldier or a better weapon. So an experiment regarding sleep is possible. And by captivating a few prisoners without them being able to have fresh air, they would soon become hysteric. Human need more than just food water and shelter. We also require freedom and company. However these conditions are not met here and would result in hysteria.

  • This is probable

    Even though the Nazis are famous for their cruelty, few people realise Stalin's regime was even more horrific. I believe it to be plausible because it happened after WW2, thus prisoners of war would have been an obvious choice for experiments.

    The subjects wents crazy after about 4 days, which is realistic as humans can survive without sleep for moreorless two weeks. Details such as subjects screaming so much they tore their vocal chords and self harming may be real.

    What is dubious though is the fact that the subjects tore out their digestive organs and did not aquire any infection or even bleed to death. Another thing the scientists supposedly discovered is that their cardio-vascular systen was pumping a large volume of air, but an air bubble to the brain would kill you instantly

    Thus I am not sure about some aspects but believe others.

  • One simple fact gives it away

    While it is true they would have died of blood loss long before the test was over, there is another thing that gives this story away. It is mentioned that the story takes place in the 1940s yet there is an ex KGB agent who views the experiment, but the KGB didn't exist until the 1950s so how could there be an ex agent of an organization that didn't exist at the time

  • No, I think the chance is effectively nothing

    While I suppose it is technically possible that this took place, I find it highly unlikely (at least in any form resembling what has been reported). There just isn't enough convincing evidence- Nikolayev gas (the one said to be used) isn't referenced at all outside sites dedicated to the "experiment," the details of individual reactions once the chamber was opened, and the overall tone of the accounts as being far too moralistic ("we are the darkest parts of you..."). Furthermore, it's quite possible (though I imagine completely miserable) to be awake for long periods; individuals with fatal familial insomnia have survived months on literally no sleep whatsoever.

    I'd say possible, but only in the absolute strictest sense of the word.

  • Plausible that such an experiment would be attempted. However

    The first few paragraphs begin with a plausible premise, but the story quickly dissolves into a form of horror fiction. The gas is unnamed, the location unnamed, emaciated prisoners with little intact muscle tissue would not be able to kill armed soldiers.

    It is possible a similar experiment took place, but the results would look nothing like this and they would be well documented. Too much emphasis is placed on unimportant happenings such as "[smiling whenever he made eye contact with her]."

  • No superhuman zombies

    Don't see how it's possible to do such harm to a person and they remain alive, ripping out your own guts, really, not plausible, and then to have the strength to overpower guards, not logically possible, it gets more ridiculous as it goes. Poetic insane zombies. Definitely sci fi horror

  • No way can this be true

    It sounds so wrong. Even dictators won't be doing such stuff. They would much rather prefer giving quick death.
    And weren't Russians fighting against Hitler for doing a milder, but equally guilty form of such cruelty on Jews.
    So in the end, my judgement says, there is no way this could be even remotely true.

  • Come on make ur brains work a bit!! You believe everything they feed you!

    A. Removing organs without damaging them is tough even on cadavers. Living Human....Not so easy and especially not without tools.
    B. Simply Digging into their abdomen with their hands would have caused enough blood loss to kill them. And even so, they would die from infection very quickly.
    C. Since blood vessels can't really stretch much, removal of the GastroIntestinal Organs from the body would surely destroy the hepatic portal system (not to mention A WHOLE LOT ELSE).
    D. "Paralytics" AKA Neuromuscular-Blocking Drugs would also stop eye movement, which conflicts with part of the operation report.
    E. Cameras didn't exist that time
    F. KGB didn't exist that time
    G. Even that time the name of a researcher would be given that what archives mean...
    H. Thats not even a proper site its creepypasta!!

  • It Do not make any sense.

    No one can survive with loss of blood to the extent Explained in the Story.
    And a mere two weeks later, papers reported that Jim Thomas, a student at Fresno State College, managed to stay awake 266.5 hours. The Guinness Book of World Records subsequently recorded that in April 1977 Maureen Weston, of Petersborough, Cambridgeshire, went 449 hours without sleep while participating in a rocking chair marathon. However, Gardner’s feat remained the most well-remembered sleep-deprivation trial. To this day, no on knows the maximum amount of time a human can stay awake

  • It doesn't add up

    If this were real, the following discrepancies would not be reported in the story. Instead, we have:

    Five living subjects go into the chamber.
    After fifteen days, four are alive. ONE DEAD.
    In the struggle while retrieving the subjects, one bleeds out with the spleen injury. TWO DEAD.
    At the hospital, the most injured of the three remaining goes under anesthesia and his heart stops. THREE DEAD.

    So at this point there should be two alive? Then how is it that there are three subjects that go through surgery and go back into the chamber? If this had actually happened, such a discrepancy would not be reported.

  • Why would it be real?

    Okay, so you think that this gas and sleep deprivation would make the test subjects eat their flesh and start craving this gas and try not to sleep longer?
    What nonsense is this?
    Yes there have been many inhumane tests that have happened and stuff during the war... And yes you have to have an open mind about these things....
    But this is obviously not true... The story itself makes no sense. It doesn't explain why the vocal cords of the one subject got destroyed... The fact they were all whispering into a microphone in the beginning then stopped makes no sense. Also the picture that goes with the experiment... Clearly photoshopped. If they didn't sleep for that long they would have just gone crazy and died... They wouldn't have wanted to stay awake nor start eating themselves and they would have been really weak, not the hulk. Gosh people...

  • Fact of the matter is...

    The longest anyone has ever remained awake, DRUG ASSISTED, is eleven days. This is a world record. Symptoms of sleep deprivation really end at hallucination and paranoia as the extremes. Self-mutilation would likely only occur if the hallucinations led them to it. Hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation, though, are mostly harmless. Such as mice and cobwebs. Also, there's no reason at all for people to eat themselves over food they've been provided. The drug administered to these people would have had to do a WAY lot more than just keep them awake in order to cause such a reaction.
    The human body is way more fragile than the details of the story suggest. The blood loss alone would kill you in a matter of minutes if you were determined to make your entrails your extrails. And your organs are inside you for a reason. Why do you think surgeons handle them so delicately? Why do you think we have ribs and skin, and some of our largest fat deposits are on our torsos? Organs are really easy to hurt.
    I have no doubts that people have conducted experiments on war prisoners like this. Various sleep studies even outside of prisoner-of-war abuse are pretty common. But I have extreme doubts that they resulted in such conclusions. Even just that they managed to break the world record for length of time awake is pushing it.

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Anonymous says2013-09-21T04:37:05.887
Nope, don't think so. If they ripped out their organs, they would have bled out, unless the hole that they pulled their organs through is very small. Furthermore, had they truly eaten their wayward companion, they definitely would have gotten some sort of infection from the raw meat.
Henry_cp says2014-06-29T03:28:53.147
How could this even be real?
It's just a story made to scare people, there's no way this is possible.
No one could survive something like that.
The gas in the story somehow made the men stronger, they could survive things.
Also, who would post a story like this if it was true.
The Russian sleep experiment is set in the 1940s, whoever posted this story would have to be very old.
russiangirl says2014-07-27T22:15:53.737
I am Russian, and here is my answer. Sorry for my english
Then most conspicuous-cant "in the late 1940s" "> but the commander, a former KGBshnik." Actually cant that the KGB was created in 1954 and an experiment "former" would not bet.

All four "survivors" also lacked a significant amount of muscle and skin torn away from their bodies. Judging by the damage and bare bones of the fingers could say that they did it by hands, not his teeth as originally anticipated.
How can I remove the arms muscles with the same hands to the bone, if everyone who has studied biology course knows that by themselves do not move bones?
I'm surprised that Americans still believe in this. In Russia, this has long since forgotten because it is not true. Once again, sorry for my english

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