• Yes, but hindsight is 20/20

    Like all unfortunate events, we can wonder what might have happened if just one thing went differently - What if the shooter had arrived five minutes before or later? What if the family had run out of milk and had to go to the store that day? What if the shooter had met a caring friend on route to his destination? We may never know, all we know is that this was a terrible tragedy.

  • No, I don't believe it could have.

    This was a horrible situation, but it was a domestic issue that occurred following a divorce. It is very hard for these things to have any warning signs, or at least warning signs that someone could use to prevent the crime. I think there needs to be better help and counseling after a separation and the courts should provide more protection if there is a worry about safety. All of that said, things like this could still continue to happen because of the nature of it.

  • No, there was nothing that anyone could have done to stop the shootings in Texas.

    Sadly, when someone makes up their mind to commit a heinous act of violence there is little than can be done. The shooter allegedly had a past history of violence towards his wife but even if he had been jailed for those offences he would have been let out eventually and, chances are, he would have still committed murder. It is a tragedy that any lives were taken but thankfully he was captured before he could harm more people.

  • The Texas shooting was inevitable

    The man who killed those children and adults in Texas was obviously not well. There are many people such as he walking around amongst us everyday. Nobody knows what the trigger is as of yet, but something mentally misfires causing them to do harm to others. This man in particular obviously showed no outward signs that he would do this.

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