Could the story of adam and eve be the true?

Asked by: steffon66
  • True to an extent

    Adam and Eve is the biblical reference to the early humans. But their story is shrouded in somewhat of an allegory. Perhaps there were an actual couple named Adam and Eve. But the main take is falling into sin and the salvation that would follow many years later. That is all that is relevant.

  • Sure, it could be

    Adam and Eve...The most controversial topic in the Bible(I presume). Basically, it comes down to this: Adam and Eve did exist, and they did live in the garden. Were they the only people in the garden? No, probably not. Actually, definitely not. If they were alone, then Cain and Seth wouldn't have been able to procreate because there wouldn't have been any women(except their mother, and the story of Noah and his sons makes it clear THAT'S wrong).
    So why would we only hear about one couple? Very simple. The Bible is entirely devoted to the story of one man: Jesus, along with the stories/people that made his life possible. Adam and Eve were clearly the leaders of God's colony in Eden, and they were the ones from whom Mary the virgin and eventually Jesus were to descend.
    So the story of Adam and Eve is completely true, yes.

  • Believe, again, and again.

    OK, first of I just read the headline for someone who believes that the story of Adam and Eve is not true, due to the scientific evidence. And that was enough for me. I don't know if you haven't been informed but with God, anything is possible. I am only thirteen years old, but I have known for a very long time that, as Catholics to believe, we don't need any scientific info, nor should we relay on it. God is 100 percent true if not more, just because something is beyond the human powers does not mean it's not true. God has power behind human nature, so yes it could happen. I hope one day you will see it from my point of view, God would appreciate it. Xo

  • Yes I agree

    These people populated the earth. Without them and God we wouldnt be here. There is proof god is really real. Like the red sea being separated there are real belongings in the sea and soldier skeletons in such. I agree with this. I just dont like that they ate an apple and made everyone sin today

  • Yes, why not?

    I'm more inclined to believe the bible passed on as the word of God faithfully through thousands of years, versus an atheist looking around him and saying "hey I think this is how it really happened" (non-life randomly turning into human beings by chance for no reason, simply over a long time period, our ancestors were apes etc). We are more than animals, and I'm glad we have the bible to tell us that, as some people would rather have an excuse to behave as an animal.

  • Aww yea son

    F*ck science its soo F*cking true (sorry for my language) it just is true and in the no section are all anethist 32tyuwoipeuyftyd3guio2pihfgrfg hjbc cdb nv nn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

  • Athiest says YES

    Yes, but it insinuates that we look/are nothing like them and therefore god. Inbreeding also means they did their siblings, brothers and all, and did that OFTEN. It also insinuates they somehow travel from the garden to worldwide in , historically thought, about 100 years. So it's possible. Just not probable whatsoever.

  • Sort of true

    I believe that there was a 1st man & woman & that God somehow set them apart from the other humans/humanoids at the time. I also think that they did something that went against God's instructions, & therefore punished. Now, if that was indeed an apple tree or settling down & proclaiming ownership of land, which could lead to dispute cuz of their immaturity at that time, is something that we will never know ....... & it doesn't really matter does it? None of us were there & what we do know teaches a lesson like so many biblical stories do.

  • Many reasons why.

    Two people alone cannot populate a species (genetic bottleneck). The garden itself is unreasonable. A talking snake? A god that knows everything getting angry for Adam and Eve doing something that god knew they would do? I mean, do I really need to point out every single flaw in that story?

    Posted by: SNP1
  • It is scientifically impossible

    There is absolutely no way that the story of adam and eve is the true story of the origins of mankind. To populate the world with a species you have to have at least seven males and seven females. God put two here then over i dont know how many generations the species would die out due to incest. If you were to be an idiot and argue that they wouldnt die out and that the story of adam and eve is true then id ask how we arent in breds.

  • Old Nonsensical Literature

    The pernicious concept of such a creation is not only empirically false in the scientific community, but also an alternative belief system that induces irrational thought processes and behavior. The Adam and Eve myth is false because of it's plain outrageous descriptions: a man made of earth, a woman, from his rib.... Wake up.
    Scientifically, there is the issue with the genetic functioning; a woman presumably created with Adam's rib (his genes) could not successfully bear a healthy child. That is incest, but it's not like the Bible is opposed to that.
    And those who argue the metaphorical aspect of such a creation myth: please convince your fellow zealots to adhere to the scriptures metaphorically. Or better, disregard them as holy, divine, or respectful, and get on with your lives.

  • Black people nuff said

    If adam and eve were white how are there black people. BOOM. Mind blown, also if they were the first then everyone would be inbred and stupid as hell. Also, the bible was written by man, not some all knowing entity up in the sky (aka god aka lie) nuff said.

  • Truth, Not Fact

    Firstly: I am under the assumption that by asking "Could the story of adam and eve be the true" the person posing the question meant to ask if the story was something that ACTUALLY HAPPENED and is FACTUAL. Because there is a difference between Truth (yes, that's Truth with a capital T if we're going to get all scholarly and religious here) and fact.

    In religion, there is a difference between Truth and fact. Fact is something that can be scientifically and/or historically proven whereas Truth, in this case, can be equated to a being a belief or a lesson. The story of Adam and Eve has been proven neither scientifically nor historically. Logically, the entire story seems absurd. In fact, the Catholic Church itself teaches that the story of Adam and Eve is a myth. However, it does teach important lessons about God's love and the sinfulness of humankind- which the Church, of course, acknowledges. Now, I could go into the definition of "myth" and just what that entails, but it remains that Adam and Eve's story was TRUTHFUL, but not FACTUAL. Also the vast majority of the FACTUAL stories in the Bible have been historically proven and seem entirely plausible, which leads me to believe that if the story of Adam and Ever WERE fact that God would have given us some way to understand and prove at least most of it.

    That's where I stand on the matter. I am Catholic and have gone through private, Catholic school my entire life; so I've been learning this stuff since I was in preschool (I am currently in 11th grade). Some of it still confuses me (but no one fully understands Catholicism, let's be honest).

    Posted by: sc16
  • Of course not

    Basically all of genesis has been proven to be untrue. So the only way you can say Genesis is true is if you take it's original meaning and revamp it to fit what you want. Even if you completely misconstrue the words in the Bible, what is in the Bible is still wrong. Hell, even how you misconstrue it is wrong.

  • Ah Ah Ah i don't think so

    You expect me to believe anything from the book that says a man named Noah built a boat and put all the animals on the Earth on it. You know the bibles a pretty old book and back then people said stuff like seasons were made by a goddess who lost her daughter to satan every winter. Ya I don't trust those ancient people, today we have learned otherwise so get on the boat all you crazy evangelicals and lets go this way we call forwards.

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Why is it that they have bellybutton in the picture? LOL
steffon66 says2014-12-23T17:44:27.843
I meant to say could the story of adam and eve be true.
Juris says2014-12-24T01:44:07.087
Highly Improbable.