• Avoidance handling/maneuvering error

    If they had left the engines going full ahead as they tried to steer around the iceberg, they most likely would have turned in time as more water would have passed over the rudder...Effectively giving it more leverage to steer the ship...Instead...They ordered the engines to be in full reverse.. Actually deflecting water from the rudder, causing a vacuum at this crucial steering point where adequate water pressure could very well have made the difference...

  • There were several actions that could have prevented the sinking of the Titanic.

    Historians widely accept that there were several things that happened the day of the sinking that, had they been handled differently, could have prevented the sinking of the Titanic. Warnings about icebergs were received early in the day, the ship was going to fast in an attempt to beat a record for the amount of time crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and the crew attempted to steer the ship clear of the iceberg once it was spotted. Had the captain and crew adhered to any of these red flags, the ship might not have sank.

  • Who to blame

    The maiden voyage might have crashed because Captain Smith was going too fast. However Bruce Ismay pressurized the Captain.
    Some say that Harland and Wolffe were to blame as they built the ship into a weak state, but others disagree and back up that Thomas kept changing the design so Harland and Wolffe were very confused. In addition Thomas Andrews was only the designer and Bruce Ismay swapped his designs. Ismay pressurized Thomas Andrews and Harland and Wolffe, Harland and Wolffe also at the same time were building RMS Olympic so it was a very hard for the shipbuilder to keep on track.
    People blame it on Thomas Andrews for his bad design. Nevertheless Bruce Ismay edited his design including the water compartments because Ismay wanted better accommodation for first class.
    Captain Smith did not let the lookouts use the binoculars. Still Smith gave the key to the box to Bruce Ismay, Bruce gave it to a worker who he later fired. When Captain really needed it he couldn’t find the key as Bruce gave it to a fired worker.
    Captain Lord was didn’t respond to the fireworks and switched off the radio. Though he was annoyed that Smith didn’t respond to the seven signal warnings and so he decided to teach him a lesson and ignore him.
    Thomas Andrews didn’t use enough life boats. If there were more life boats more people could have been saved. Even so Bruce Ismay ordered Captain Smith to take some life boats off the ship. Captain Smith did it without any arguments.
    Thomas Andrews sneakily made design faults, just to make the ship look prettier. Despite that, Bruce Ismay made some too just to show how good the Titanic looked and so the design fit nicely. One of them is the fourth funnel. While the other 3 funnel were steaming by boilers. The fourth one wasn’t. This is one of the most recognisable design faults.
    Captain Smith ignored seven iceberg warnings. Smith who had the option of changing to a more southerly route to be sure of avoiding any icebergs that might be out there but he didn’t change the route, as the more southerly route was longer and would have taken more time. Smith was worried about what Bruce Ismay was going to do next. Also Jack Phillips failed to precede the warnings. So when Titanic was close from hitting the iceberg and the messages were sent to the Crew it was already too late.
    Captain Smith was driving very fast. Nevertheless Bruce Ismay pressurized him to go fast. Bruce apparently used pressurising him to go fast as a suggestion. Captain smith

  • Too many avoidable mistakes

    There were too many mistakes made that contributed to the disaster. However the Titanic could have been saved had just a few of these events not occurred.

    1. The best materials were used in the construction - there is some debate as whether the right metals were used within the construction of the ship. Had a tougher, less brittle, metal been used the damage might not have been so bad.

    2. Had the 2nd officer not been replaced - It is an odd thing to say that a single could have made the difference. But it is not his presence which is critical in this claim. He was replaced at the last minute due to a change in officers by the white star. In his haste to leave - he took the crow nests lookout glasses - which heavily reduced their visibility. This on its own would not have saved the ship - but would have heavily contributed.

    3. Had the wireless operators were paid per hour - the wireless operators were paid by the number of private messages that they sent - not how long they worked. Therefore they were more concerned with sending passenger messages rather than official ship messages. This meant that at one point they told another ship to go away while they tried to warn them of ice. This led to that ship turning off its wireless - thus they did not hear the calls for distress, nor was the message of ice ever received by the Captain.

    4. Had the Captain not been a rush for New York - It is more than possible that if he had not been in a rush to get across the Atlantic in record time, they might never had met the fateful iceberg.

    5. Had they rammed the iceberg instead of trying to avoid it - They only had about 37 seconds to make a decision. With the size of the ship that was hardly anytime whatsoever. However ramming the iceberg might have been able to save the vessel. The ship was designed that the first three compartments could flood and the ship would still stay afloat. It is highly likely that a head on collision would have only flooded these 3 compartments. Although there still would have been deaths and numerous injuries - it might have saved the ship.

  • She'd have been okay if Captain Smith hadn't tried to make it to New York.

    After the initial strike, Captain Smith briefly ordered the ship to continue moving forwards in an attempt to make it to New York before the damage got too bad. This forced more water into the hull's breach than was being taken on naturally. Had the Captain ordered the engines shut off until a survey of the damage could have been taken, the ship would have floated long enough to A) evacuate passengers and B) likely patch the ship well enough for her to survive a slow tow to harbor for repairs.

  • Yes, if people would listen to warnings and suggestions than this tragedy could have been avoided.

    If the captain had been listening to the 6 warnings that he was given then the titanic should have been able to be steered away from the ice berg. It doesn't take much effort to steer the ship away from the ice berg. Someone took the time to contact the ship 6 TIMES the least you could do is move the ship a little bit to get away from the iceberg.

  • Yes it could have been saved.

    The Titanic could have been saved by the Californian. Captain Lord saw the Titanic's distress signal's, yet did nothing. Also, they could have slowed down. But the main reason is the Californian. Why did the Californian do nothing? Some sources say that the Californian saw a different ship that was illegally hunting seals in the area. Lord said that the ship was smaller than the Titanic, but some still didn't believe him. Also, the life boat capacity could have been upgraded. The Titanic had only eighteen life boats.

  • If they had slowed down...

    If they had slowed down they would have seen the iceberg sooner, and would have been able to see it. That would have given them more time to avoid it. However, that is only if certain errors were fixed, which obviously, had not happened, which caused this terrible tragedy :(

  • Avoidable errors caused the sinking.

    The Titanic was an unsinkable ship! If the lookouts would have been more focused or the captain would have slowed down the ship, the hit was completely avoidable! Also if the person that was running the water tight doors shut them AS SOON as the boat hit, then the floors wouldn't have flooded and it would have been able to stay afloat long enough to be saved.

  • Yes, Titanic could have been saved.

    After evaluating damage, Titanic could have been saved by giving immediate order to:
    1) close all hatches on the lower decks;
    2) close all doors on watertight compartments;
    3) flood on purpose 2 watertight compartments from the rear / stern, of the ship to compensate for the listing caused by the flooding of the front compartments.
    4) deploying a boat on the damage side with 5-6 man from the crew with some cotton fabric in several layers (maybe the fabric which covered the lifeboats) and some ballast and ropes to make it straight, the suction force of the watter would aspirate the cotton into the damaged area and make a provisory sealing. While not completely stopping the water flooding, it may have reduced the intake amount quite enough for water pumps to compensate.
    The loss of Titanic is due to acceptance of someone's belief: "the engineer said that the boat has one hour maybe two", and everybody believe it, without attempting to look for alternatives. They accepted the worse possible scenario ("woman and children first") and this scennario occured.

  • Honestly, No. Not at all.

    In the making of Titanic, there were errors. The propellers, they weren't the size they needed to be at all. In fact, I think that the Titanic needed an extra one. Weight could have been a major factor too. There were four smokestacks and one was just for show. When the iceberg hit and water was flowing up, the watertight doors weren't closed all the way or closed quickly enough. Some even claim that J Bruce Ismay knew that it was not unsinkable.

  • The ship Titanic could not be saved.

    Very ironic that the unsinkable ship did sink. Hitting that big of an iceberg would damage any ship. The big issue I have with the situation is that the people could have been saved. Not having anywhere close to enough life boats was a grave mistake that ended with many people dying.

    The ocean has icebergs and ships may hit them but the preparation for this situation is the key.

  • Not at the time.

    No, I do not think that the Titanic could have been saved at the time that this disaster occurred. However, I think that with today's technology, it absolutely could have been saved. It would be a lot easier to get help and to correct the problems that caused it to sink.

  • Who knows for sure? Hindsight is always 20-20 vision; a perfect understanding of an event after it has happened.

    It is just pointless speculation because we were not there. Hindsight says 9-11 could have been avoided; maybe it could have been, but not given the procedures at that time. Hindsight says the Challenger disaster could have been prevented.

    The captain runs the ship, he thought it was safe. There is a movie about the weakness of the steel used to build the Titanic. Maybe, that is the cause. Maybe the water tight doors were sprung after hitting the iceberg and could not be shut. Again, without being there, it is just a lot of maybes, maybe this, maybe that; we will never know.

    Thankfully, we learn from our mistakes.

  • No it could never have been saved! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

    It couldn't have been saved because it was just meant to be sankbecause no one liked it! The ship would have sunk no matter what 😀 Rest in pieces Titanic 😊 I love everyone's oppinions on this website though 😘😘 I love the movie by the way IT IS GREAT 👌

  • It could've in the right hands

    The person making the ship, Ismay spent hardly anything on the materials for it. With more responsibility the amazing vehicle would've had the expensive but correct and reliable materials for it. She could be here today if it wasn't for the shocking care from Ismay. I'm sure that he would've spent way more on the other ship related to this. R.I.P everyone who perished in that.

  • Titanic ship accident

    During 20th century lack of technology the titanic couldn't save. Offcourse there was some mistakes in calculations for speed. No pyrotechnics. Overload. Absence of surveyors. It could be saved if the senior officer hear to crew. But this accident gives rise to new ammendments like solas. This is mysterious story no one can answer by 100% sure¿

  • Titanic ship accident

    During 20th century lack of technology the titanic couldn't save. Offcourse there was some mistakes in calculations for speed. No pyrotechnics. Overload. Absence of surveyors. It could be saved if the senior officer hear to crew. But this accident gives rise to new ammendments like solas. This is mysterious story no one can answer by 100% sure¿

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