Could the UK improve its economy by permitting fracking?

  • Fracking is economically beneficial; environmentally devastating

    Fracking would greatly benefit the UK economy. The UK is a small landmass with limited natural resources. Even developing a degree of energy independence would be helpful. European gas derives primarily from Russia, and the growing conflict between Russia and the E.U suggests that gas may not be provided in the near future. Instead of purchasing conflict gas, the U.K should look to develop its own alternative, domestic energy resources.

  • It would only be a bandage.

    While in the short run fracking may boost the UK's economy, it is only a temporary solution. There are limited amounts of natural gas available for exploitation, and the environmental and social consequences could be potentially devastating in the long run. If you take into consideration the issues that citizens of the USA are having with fracking, you must conclude that it is simply not a good option for the UK to utilize.

  • Fracking of benefit to UK economy

    Fracking can only be of benefit to the UK economy, provided it is done correctly and in appropriately chosen places. As to whether it is of benefit to UK society or environment, that is another matter and opinion would suggest that it is not. But economically speaking, it can only be of benefit.

  • Short sighted thinking

    The time and cost to set this up would be far better spent on renewable energy and further research. The certain resulting devastation (lack of water to grow food +++) all4 POSSIBLE few years energy... Why not import from the "abundant"USA where gas is cheaper and keep our wee island GREEN

  • Fracking Is Bad

    The UK can not improve its economy by permitting fracking. Fracking was just a theory years ago and unfortunately we've found that it is a disaster when considering the environment. The economy should not come before the environment. The UK is small and introducing more pollution would be a devastating mistake for them.

  • The cons outweigh the pros

    Fracking is terribly consuming of water and provides only a temporary boost to the economy. If the U.K. is looking only to the next few years for its economic goal posts, it has serious management problems. Natural gas is a dangerous alternative fuel and its environmental impacts are on par with burning of coal or oil for fuel.

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