• Yes, ukraine doesnt need to beat russia,

    All ukraine has to do is give russia a bloody nose, This is ww2 and not a fight russia needs to survive. Ukraine on the other hand? If they gave it all they got , given they dont surrender but stand and fight would shock the world. Kinda like finland in 1940 with the red army

  • Yes, Ukraine could withstand a large scale attack from Russia.

    Ukraine could withstand a large scale attack from Russia, if the United States and NATO provided the Ukrainian military with lethal weapons and advanced defense systems. NATO members possess much more technologically advanced weapons than Russia does. Therefore, these high-tech weapons given to the Ukrainians would deter most Russian hostility. If Russia decided to invade, the Russian military would take steep casualties.

  • Ukraine unalbe to withstand large-scale Russian attack

    The Ukraine has withstood repeated and severe attacks from Russia, but still lacks the military might to combat an all-out military war with Russia. Russian has more weapons of mass destruction and more experience in war than the Ukraine. Russia is also capable of carrying out massive cyber attacks that would devastate the Ukraine.

  • No, Ukraine could not survive a big Russian attack.

    No, it is highly unlikely that an already weakened Ukraine could withstand a large scale attack from Russia. The size difference alone makes the issue a no-contest, but when adding the nuclear capacity of Russia and its famously lethal special forces battalions it is an equation that simply cannot be won.

  • No, they cannot.

    Ukraine is a much smaller country than Russia and they do not have the power or resources to hold Russia back, especially if Russia turned the full force of thier resources on the Ukraine. They would need help from their allies in order to protect themselves and defeat Russia's invasion.

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