• We lost the war...

    Russia couldn't defeat us militarily, so they chose a different tactic. Communists have infiltrated our government, as well as positions of authority in our institutions of higher learning. They have been churning out good little communist robots for decades now. Brilliant strategy, if you ask me. They really stuck it too us. Didn't they?

  • Of course it could.

    Why is this even a question?
    COULD the US ever have lost the Cold War? It's a matter of possibilities, not of actual happenings.
    Arguably, if the USSR acted quicker and if the US acted slower, if the US ignored Cuba or if the USSR tried harder with Korea... Y'know? There are plenty of ways that the US could have been the first one to fail.
    (Though I wouldn't really consider either side as having 'won' or 'lost' the Cold War. What is there to have won? No one won anything. We're now left with useless weapons of mass destruction and a worse sense of humanity in the world because of this. No one 'won' the Cold War. Everyone lost.)

  • 'Not losing' could be horrible too.

    As others have mentioned, Mutual Assured Destruction ensured a relative tie, should push truly come to shove, but with the thousands of nukes on both sides, "not losing" wouldn't be any type of real winning.

    Aside from weapons of mass destruction, I don't think Russia could have kept up in the long run with American productivity and capabilities, though even a conventional war probably wouldn't really be worth winning, given the horrible costs.

  • You got the flag wrong

    That is Russia's current flag and the flag that they had before the revolution. During the cold war they had a red flag with a sickle and a scythe in the corner. They might have been able to beat us in the 40s or 50s but for the most part we were always WAY more powerful than them. They just made it look like they were as powerful as us to scare us. The reason they couldn't have won is that communism just doesn't work.

  • We had the upper hand all along.

    The Commies were up against a wall from the moment nukes came onto the stage. They knew that the US would rip them to pieces if they dared to attempt anything overt, because they were one "Hey America, Soviet embassy here. Our leadership's decided to declare war. Got room in the shelter for us?" away from a Grade-A nuclear winter, in which nobody would win.
    At that point, it was academic, because their flawed economic model would eventually collapse in on itself. Luckily, Yeltsin and Gorbachev came in and cleaned up the place's act considerably, allowing a largely peaceful dissolution of the Soviet Union. Communism's 70 year hurrah came to an end, China having long since upgraded to crony capitalism, and investing a lot into cultivating good relations with the consumerist US.

  • We are the promise land

    God will protect us always. We have a promise when we do the right things for all the right reasons. The declaration of independents was inspired by God. We've fought many wars and have not always won but at least we tried. I hope we never have to fight again.

  • The USA essentially always had the upper hand in the Cold War

    The US was generally better off militarily than the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It had higher living standards and happier people and, in some ways, a larger range of supporters. The USSR was far less stable politically than the USA - the scale of disappointment with the political establishment of the USA was never on quite the same scale as that of the USSR. The only way the USSR could really have beaten its opponent was by nuclear war, which would have just led to Mutually Assured Destruction. Hence, the USA could never have lost the Cold War.

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