Could the world be a better place without religion?

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  • People can still believe in their own God without religion.

    Realizing that certain people need a "God" in their lives I would say that religion is not all bad. However, can people believe in their own personal savior without the aid of religion? I myself am atheist and have never been to church, but I cannot understand why it is necessary to congregate and worship a book that is racist, outdated, and filled with moral flaws.

  • Could the world be a better place without religion?

    Why did Hitler kill jews?
    Why did Al-Qaeda attack the US in September 11th 2001
    Is it possible that religion was created to keep order within the people? And keeping them from killing each other? Is religion a factor of the issues happening today with the world? Is religion needed today?

  • In the history of mankind.

    Religion has been the root cause or tool of almost every war in Europe and to the west. This not only includes religious wars like the Crusades, it also includes the U.S. Civil war where the south claimed that their religion justified the keeping of slaves. Clearly the Jewish deaths of WWII concentration camps shows how the Nazis Justified killing based on religion. Not all killings happened as a result of war nor where against those of other base faiths. The Troubles in Northern Ireland was a battle between Protestants and Catholics that lasted for 30 years. This is clearly a religious battle of Christian vs. Christian.
    Knowledge of science had been a tool that religions used to control the masses. This way science, e.g. medicine, could be viewed as a miracle of god by the ignorant masses. Any use of science outside the religion was quickly demonized as the works of Satan so the only reputable science was that of Christianity.
    Because religion controlled the scientific community, any theory that contradicted the bible was considered blasphemy, a crime punishable by death. Heliocentric (sun centered) theories have been around since before the 2nd century A.D. And each time were stomped out for over 1500 years. Even Galileo who had evidence to the theory was put under house arrest and forbidden to teach his theory. Just think of the advancements in not just astronomy but other matters of science we would have made had religion not held it back for hundreds of years.
    Less wars and other matters of mass deaths, as well as a much higher understanding of the sciences. Sounds like a much better world to me.

  • Religion has caused almost all wars in history.

    World war 1, Gavrilo Princip, the assassin of Franz Ferdinand was a devout orthodox christian, world war 2, Hitler was a devout christian persecuting jews. Not to mention the inquisition, the slaughter of ''heathens'' by charlemagne, the thirty years war...So many wars and genocides all for religious purposes. It continues to cause deaths in modern day. Anyone heard of ISIS?

  • In modern times Yes, for all of history no.

    In ancient times as cities grew with the advent of agriculture, you had mostly nomadic peoples with no understanding of the world who had lived for thousands of years just trying to survive all of a sudden living in large numbers together. The only way to keep the peace, and keep uprising from happening would be through fear or devotion and no leader could do that with such a large population. This is where structured religions sprung up, to control society as it grew. Without it, it is unlikely humans would have been able to advance as quickly as we have in 8000 years.
    However in modern times where we have understanding of nature and ourselves, are governed by a rule of law, and have systems of citizenship. Religion is only muddying our attempts to create stable social structure by trying to enforce ancient laws from ancient cultures on a modern society. As modern society has grown we have learned that understanding, and great power cannot be ruled by religion. Europe learned this during the Dark Ages, and has since socially prospered under mostly secular governments. The question isn't could the world be a better place without religion, it is how much better would it be.

  • Of course It Would Be A Better World Without Religion:

    John Lennon even sang as much. Imagine a world with no Jihadists, no door knocking preachers, no euphoric Pentacostalists making extremely dumb noises and thinking it is their communicating with some God. Yes, the world would be infinitely more Sane and Rational. Get rid of religion would give people a break from stupidity, such as killing abortionists for doing their job and attacking a movie theater because it made fun of some stupid third century prophet. A much better, more humanistic, and Sane world would be the result of having no religions.
    Global Secularism (all religions are equal) is the best the world can hope for in reality. Even the Dalai Lama seeks global secularism.

  • Could it? Yes. Would it? Maybe

    Technically speaking there is always the potential that a world with no religion would be better. Is that really the case? Well we can't know until we try it. There has been religion in every civilization since the dawn of civilization, we're only now reaching the tipping point of losing religion.

  • Yes it would!

    Yes it would. The bible has been used to promote and excuse slavery. Its been used for aprtheid. And now its being uses to promote denying couples the right of marriage. Now im not saying god isnt needed. Just not a an organized relgoius group of people. Spirituality is differnt from religion.

  • Religions Clash, and Cause Slaughter

    Religion is an old thing, made for its time. Now, it's outdated. First of all, the people who founded some religions, were well-minded people who wanted to spread common sense for their time period. These include things such as constantly having children, and killing people with different faiths. In fact, the Crusades, a very bloody conflict, and the war on ISIS is caused by religion. Overpopulation is caused by religion, as many poor people believe that having many kids is a good idea. Religion also is trying to destroy science. On this website, 25% of the people are religious idiots who believe that Darwinian Evolution is BS, with no evidence. Darwin believed that natural selection was the mechanism of evolution, and he was right. Just take a look at the history of the peppered moth in the Industrial Revolution, Jesus Fanatics. Clearly, some religions, including Christianity are bad for the modern world.

  • I think so

    Without religion people would still believe and fear god and they would live by their morals. The religions we have in their time were horrible. Slavery, genocide, misogyny, and other horrible things have been done and sanctioned by religion. So the world might have been a better place without religious morals. Religion is making a few peoples opinions everybodies opinions. Here in a democracy we believe that the majority should choose. And the majority dont agree with religious morality. Ill give you an example that shows how screwed up religious morality is. Imagine a guy who gets married before having sex and has 15 kids and takes so little care of them that most of them die from preventable causes. Now imagine a guy who has premarital sex with lots of women, has two kids, and takes very good care of them. The christian faith would lead one to believe that the latter is the worse of these men. I think a morality should be conductive of the good and benefit of one and all and should be conductive of human happiness. Slavery genocide and all these things arent conductive of human happiness and they arent good for one and all. Religions were written by power hungry men who wanted war. I know that because it causes war and with the contradictions only one out of thousands of religions can be right. So most of them have to be made up. Its like people are playing the lottery for salvations. Its ridiculous, childish, and completely illogical. My gods real! No my gods real! Off with your head!!! Its crazyness

  • Look at WWI. Nationalism prevails. Millions Dead.

    If you erase religion you still get selfish humans who will easily kill each other to gain material goods. Anybody who says this kind of crap is ignorant and foolish.

    Plenty of the major religions teach peace and love. Anything other than what is directly from the religious text is pure human creation. If it wasn't fabricated with the help of a religion, it would be over something like resources, or nationalism, or perhaps scientific reason. Who knows? Anything will do as an excuse to do something bad.

  • Cannot be better

    People who blame religion for all the problems in the world are part of the problem, because they haven't yet come to the truth that humans are degenerate in nature. World War 1 and 2 were not about religion but claimed more lives than all the religious wars ever fought.

    Religion has been our mirror announcing our fallen state and emphasizing that we must do better. Religion has forced us to improve, which is why societies are better off today.

  • PLEASE LISTEN. ALL dystopias don't contain one thing... Common RELIGION.

    I mean Islam, Christianity, Taoism (philosophy), Judaism, etc. SCIENCE ON THE OTHER HAND HELP MAKE BIG BOOM BOOMS (I know it sounds stupid). And science I suppose makes the world better. Suppose a gun is science. Give a chimp a gun (me cause of my username) it won't do much with it. Give a angry atheist or christian a gun and they may kill everyone they hate with it. Read 1984, the Hunger Games, The Running Man, and other dystopias and you wont find any religion, just science. Brave New World's religion is not holy-like or comparable to today's religion. In fact, BNW is a lot like today. The common people in the book act like the modern ATHEIST teens. Of course, science is extremely important. We just need some religion too.

  • Sadly, no such dice:

    Religion is not a problem. Religion is harmless actually. The problem lies in the human declaration of rightness and that doesn't go anywhere with or without a specific philosophical outlook. So long as someone can say "I am right about this!" war will be. It is the human way of life.

  • No and Yes

    People have the right to believe in what ever they want no matter what anyone says or does. So No if that helps people to live a better life for themselves. There's nothing wrong with that.
    But Yes because it is wrong letting that belief interfere with other peoples rights and lives that don't believe the same as they do or believe at all.

  • Religion allows us to believe in something greater than ourselves: Hope comes into play naturally.

    Humans come to a point in their lives where they desire for life to continue after death, We fear whats to come after: plain darkness. What could be wrong with wanting to be hopeful and wishing there was a God or Gods watching over us? Living in this way can bring about feelings of resolve and happiness. People who have no religion are empty beings..

  • No, and it wouldn't be easy .

    The main purpose of Christianity (or at least Roman Catholicism) is to show kindness and forgiveness to eachother, and to help comfort us, and to help us be ok with the fact that were all going to die someday. Just show respect and you get the free pass heaven. Simple as that.

  • I am Christian

    I am Christian and I believe the world is better with certain religions. Other religions such as Islam use their religion in the wrong way to persecute us Christians and Jews. And not all wars where caused with religion. In fact, most wars where caused by wanting a successful empire.

  • Law and morality isn't enough to satisfy man, a sort of devine reward or punishement is requried to make man obey the law and morality

    You don't want too much like Inquistion much, but you need a bit to help make society orderly. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich and what keeps the rich and murdering the poor and what helps nobility and descourages scrooges and pickpockets and criminals. That is all.

  • Uh, no . . .

    This question sounds like yet another atheist jab. Why not ask if the world would be better without people, since people are committing the evil?

    The evil people do in the name of religion or God does not convict religion in general. You could certainly have a religion based in evil, but Christianity, the largest religion in the world by far, teaches love for all people, even enemies. Christianity has done so much good in this world that it cannot be measured. To consider getting rid of that religion is foolish.

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No will would still have war and other problems