• What if the concepts of both are just a myth.

    From the literary term good, it could represent a quality of how well something is. Like this was a good meal but next time it will be great. When used in the form of judging quality the opposite of good is poor, bad and awful. Evil is not part of judging a quality therefor good could easily exist without evil.

  • No there can't

    Good and evil are the psycho-social and philosophical equivalents to physical and emotional pain and pleasure. Pain and pleasure are one in the same. Pleasure can be an absence or a presence of pain it depends on subjective experiences of desired or undesired intensities and effects. Good can be an absence or a presence of evil, it too depends on subjective perceptions of desired or undesired intensities and effects. Some people find painful things to be pleasurable , and in the same sense, some people view evil things as good and this is because of our subjective experience of life. We decide. Our perceptions of good and evil tend to be the same but can vary because our physical and emotional experience of pain and pleasure can vary. So to sum up, there can't be good without evil because they're both the same thing and only the perceivers can decide based on desired or undesired intensities and effects, a process heavily influenced by our experiences of physical, emotional, psychological pleasure and pain.

  • What is are the characteristics of no good and evil?

    No because evil can be interpreted as an action followed by an effect, no good also involve an action followed by an effect, so evil is no different from not good. Now the question would be: is there a difference between no good and evil? If they both mean the same, or if they both are described with the same definitions, then the answer to your question is simply NO.

  • What is justice?

    Everyone has a different sense of what is good and evil. Aren't they just terms used to describe the behaviour/actions of a person? It would seem in this world, a general consensus of what good and evil are is just one way of looking at things. Can everyone honestly say that everything they do, even the smallest of acts, would fall into the catergory of either good or evil? Justice is just a term used as an excuse to retain the false sense of peace we live in. This peace is threatened by acts which people would call evil. Terrorism, theft, rape, murder. These things can be dealt with under the common law. They are what most rational people would call evil. Then would killing these irrational elements be considered good? All life is of equal value, or so it's said.
    To judge good and evil, one would need to take a step back and learn about the prologue to the events.
    To sum up... No.

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