• Perhaps it might!

    At this point in time, at least the public, doesn't know how to travel through time, it might not be the best idea! Imagine at least Millions of people time traveling at the same time, that would tear apart the space time continuum in one second, so you can say goodbye to the world after that or any other world for that matter, it could, might or will exist, heck it might already if it weren't for the dark ages of science! Who knows, but be happy the answer isn't known yet, because it will either make or break the human race.

  • I think so, it would be so cool.

    At first, I thought that it was impossible. When I heard that Einstein discovered an equation that time travel is possible, it is just that we can't physically find a way to travel through time. I think that's what happened, I'm not that smart, lol, but I think he discovered an equation that time travel is possible.

  • Anything is possible.

    Saying "one day" is extremely vague. In theory, one day we could leave our galaxy and also in theory, one day we could travel back in time. If you were to clarify your resolution, it would make for a better, more scientific, and more sophisticated debate.

    These are random words to fill the minimum word count.

  • I am unsure

    We already know forward time travel is possible with gravity a black holes and stuff, but backward time travel is yet to be proven possible. I believe that there may one day be a discovery made proving it possible, but I am unsure for the time being. It would be cool tho.

  • Leaning Towards No

    I have thought about this for a while now, and a few things about time travel don't seem right to me. Travel into the future would imply that the future is predetermined, which it isn't. Travel into the past creates a sort of a paradox as what we live in today is the present to us but is the future to the people of the past. Since travel into the future is theoretically impossible, traveling back into the past would also be impossible because of the time paradox established earlier.

    Would be cool though, someone please prove me wrong.

  • Backwards time travel? Nope.

    Time is a human construct. We can't move backwards in it, since doing so would open the universe up to a ton of universe-breaking paradoxes. If you were to go back in time and come into contact with ANYTHING, it would affect the future you travelled back from and thus would affect you and your motives for travelling back in time. Thus you never went, but now you never disturbed the past meaning there's nothing to deter you from travelling back in time. But now you're disturbing the past again and have probably caused the universe to end.

    Since the universe has not ended, I can assume that time travel is not possible.

  • Time is fixed in one direction and cannot be reversed orchanged

    Time is outside of the physical. It allows space to have function. Movement cannot exist without time. We exist in time, just as we do space. Space is physical, it has parameters and rules. Time has one rule. No, it's not Batman's rule. It is that it exists in one direction, much like a line. To try to build a physical object that distorts a non physical / unchanging entity is impossible. Sorry, but Tardis has no chance of being real because attempting to access something inaccessible is a waste of time. Also BRAIN SMASHER: technically, the past does not exist, and the future does not exist. All that exists is what and when and where time is in a particular instance. Think about it.

  • Only traveling forwards

    Others have said that the future would have to predetermined, and there are physicist who actually believe that it is. That like slides in a film reel, each second is just a slice of the fourth dimension: spacetime that we travel through. Whether this is true or not is unimportant to the discussion. The fact is that if you were to travel at a very fast rate of speed (especially near the speed of light), then time would slow down for your reference frame, while the rest of the universe moved on. So you could travel near the speed of light, for not very long at all, get out of the space craft a year older and the earth would be thousands of years older. (not precise numbers, just an illustration). Problem is not getting into the future, it is getting back. There is no sure way of traveling backwards in time.

  • Time travel into the future certainty it happens every day but not back in time

    Time travel to the future only reguires that you move through time slower there are several ways to do this increase your mass or get close to the speed of light which increases your mass. The greater your mass the more you distort time. So relatively we are traveling through time faster than some satellites in orbit. However Backwards time travel is far more complex. But due to things like paradoxes and radiation feed back it most likely cant be done. If you could time travel you would likely cause events that would prevent you from time traveling in the first place but the you would have never have prevented yourself from time traveling and so this cycle would continue. Although there is something called a causality loop where your actions cause the future that you time traveled from or things correct themselves.

  • No, I do not

    If it does exist, then people probable changed the past by deleting the world wars and by destroying ISIS and other terrorist groups. Time travel means that the government has probably changed the past, and has looked into the future. They would have found cures for cancer and have given it to the past.

  • Very very unlikely

    As much as i like it, the idea is science fiction, to go back in time, one must travel faster than light (which is impossible btw). The idea of that the future had already happened means there is no such thing as free will, and if time travel had already invented sometime in the future then we should've seen evidence of people coming from the future (or past).

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