Could Tris Prior win a fight against Katniss Everdeen?

  • One has a bow and fists, The other has a gun and fist

    It depends on which generation of Tris Prior we're fighting. If we're fighting Tris from the end of Divergent, The Mockingjay could probably shoot her down with a fire arrow but if we're talking about the Tris after she gets upgraded after visiting David and his labs, Then Tris could shoot down Katniss pretty easily with tech on her side.

  • No, She’s too weak emotionally.

    She tries to sacrifice herself multiple times, Even for her abusive brother, While Katniss may have PTSD, She still has respect for her self and will fight if needed. Plus she has amazing archery skills. This is just my opinion, And frankly I feel like this is majority opinion, But yea lol.

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