Could watching the movie "The Interview" be beneficial to North Koreans?

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  • No the movie "The Interview" be not beneficial to North Koreans

    The people and the leaders of North Korea in general do not accept any of the western values or the movies. In the movie "The Interview" the head of the State Mr Kim Jong-un was showed in a very derogatory manner. Hence watching the movie "The Interview" would not be beneficial to North Koreans.

  • The Interview could hurt relations with North Korea

    The Interview movie was funny to Americans but would be considered offensive to most North Koreans. They have come to worship their leader Kim Jung Un and would not take the jokes in that movie made at his expense lightly. I think it would hurt diplomatic relations with North Korea and should be kept away from North Korean eyes for now.

  • No, getting rid of their oppressive regime is the only thing that can help them.

    I'm pretty sure North Koreans already know that their dictator and his regime are oppressive and constantly lying to them. They can't do anything about it, because admitting these things will likely result in imprisonment for them and their family. Watching a low-brow comedy that makes fun of their dictator may provide them with a small feeling of satisfaction, but the only way to give North Koreans real help is to get rid of said dictator.

  • No, there is no any beneficial.

    I absolutely fundamentally disagree with these defectors that the films served a positive gain for the people of North Korea. Various issues on human rights abuse in North Korea were raised. But this was the point were made with a constant underlying theme of Western hegemony over the undermining of Korean people through racist dog-eating/overt sexist jokes. This caricatures the perception of the North as something you find at the end of a laddish punchline.

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