• Atheists should be allowed to run for president. If it didn't allow for African Americans or Jews to run for president, there would be outrage.

    So why is it any different for atheists or agnostics. Firstly many people say atheists have no moral guideline. Morality does not exist, it is man made, and differs based on culture and in different societies. Religious people believe in absolute morality, a simple yes or no if something is bad or not. Absolute morality as said in the religious scriptures cannot exist. There is never any black or white issue, and many situations or moralities are in the gray area. Secondly there is absolutely no evidence of a higher power. Religious people argue that religious scripture proves that god exists. In that case if a book is proof, then even the magical world of harry potter also exists, so why don't we pray to Dumbledore. The theory of god has no evidence to back it up at all, therefore for the time being does not exist and is incorrect. A president should be judged in his ability to solve problems based on data, not faith. Thirdly, morality does not come from religion. Religions are ideologies and ideologies, have led to more deaths and violence in the world. Even political ideologies such as communism or democracy have led to so many killings and death. Atheism is not an ideology, it is rooted in science and facts and not faith, therefore is the most reasonable.

  • Yes we can

    Our President not believing in God should not disqualify him from the Presidency. During the 1960 election, there was controversy about Kennedy being the President because he was Catholic. Before Kennedy, there had been no Catholic presidents. But he turned out to be a decent President, his religious faith did not influence his political decisions.

  • Yes we can have an atheist president

    The US constitution states that everyone of different religions shall be treated equally. This also includes atheists. Plus we've had one president who was an atheist by the name of Thomas Jefferson who was the greatest man who ever lived. Just because somebody doesn't believe in god doesn't mean that you should freak out if they were running for office. Atheists have morals and a set of values just like religious people. Also if other countries like France have atheist heads of state then why can't we?

  • Religion should not matter

    In my opinion, religion should not matter! I mean how does religion effect a presidency. It doesn't. But, the "so help me god" at the end of the oath of office is a problem, but other than that, their should be absolutely no reason why we can't have an atheist president

  • Yes, because the mindset of religion is going to hold us back.

    Religion teaches you not to believe in yourself. I'll believe in facts over faith any day. When you have a problems, its better to figure out how you're going to fix it then thinking some fictional higher being is going to do it. It makes me laugh when i see an athlete thanking God for a win. I guess if God was in control of who was going to win then its good he liked you more then the loser. All that practice didn't matter, it was all up to god. Good thing God blesses america. He must really not like Ethiopians or he'd bless them and end starvation. But then again, God probably causes starvation there so people in America will feel better about themselves while they are sitting in their air conditioned church worshiping him. HE does work in mysterious ways. Sorry if I sound a little bitter but reading how immoral I am for being an atheist annoyed me. But then again, it's God's fault. If he is the one we attribute all the positives for its only fair we blame him for the negatives too.
    Think for yourself, if what Culture tells you doesn't sound right they may be wrong. It's been known to happen.

  • If It's Constitutionally Valid, Why the Hell Not?

    I reason that an atheist president would be an efficient, logical, and decisive leader for America. They wouldn't be stapled to the Christian communities in America, doing their bidding and voting on policies which benefit them. They'd pay attention to the entire population, and would most likely be fairly liberal in their policies. It's about time that we have a new kind of leadership, rich old protestants have held that office too many times to count.

  • Truly, honestly, completly

    I mean why not, it might do this country some good to not have a president with clouded judgement because of some old book written thousands of years ago. The world is changing and people in america need to be more open minded about the people that may run our country.

  • Yes we should

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  • Yes-vast swaths of the electorate and unaffiliated.

    25% of people today are unaffiliated. 35% of millenials are unaffiliated. By 2035, about a third of the electorate will be unaffiliated. By 2050, half of our country will be unafffiliated. And as much as I hate to say it, many of those people will vote for an athiest. America is going to hell.

  • Why wouldn't we?

    The constitution states that the government and religions should be kept separate. So that right there provides the reasoning why it could happen. And, contrary to popular belief, atheists have morals. Just not religious ones. I am an atheist and I am perfectly aware that launching a nuke because someone looked at me wrong is a very bad thing to do. I am perfectly aware of how killing people is a bad thing. I am very much so capable of knowing what is and and what is good. All atheists are able to do such things. Also, look at religions track record, Hitler, Hussein, Bin Laden, Pope Urban II, and many more. All religious nut cases. Had an atheist run their countries, all those wars in the name of religion would have never happened. They would have looked for the cold facts. Not what they think a wizard in the clouds wants them to do.

  • Could we? Yes. Should we? No.

    It is physically possible, yes. Should we have an atheist president? No. Atheists do not believe in God, God is the cause of morality. Therefore, atheists don't believe in morality. Morality is important if you are, you know, the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. No one would vote for an atheist in office.

  • No way man

    Sure, maybe an atheist wouldn't let religious beliefs cloud his descisions, but most atheists have low moral codes. If we want to keep this country on the straight and narrow, we probably shouldn't allow atheists to run for president. Just saying. My opinion doesn't matter, but I just feel that way.

  • Sadly we will not

    I am an atheist my self, but we must realize how religious America is. The motion is not if an atheist would make a good president. I am sure an atheist would make a terrific president; our domestic policies would be great. It is possible some presidents have been atheist, but we don't start with the notion they were lying, we believe something unless there is a reason not to. I think the motion actually means "could we have an openly atheist president?" In our current state of religious based politics, and hate we can not have an openly atheist president. However if a lot of changes are made, and we become more secular like Norway, Denmark, and Australia(which does have atheist politicians) I bet it could happen.

  • We should but we won't

    I think having a atheist president would make an amazing president it would surely change the view that people have on atheists. But the people here a way too religious to ever vote for one, most people in the country are theist and most people wouldn't trust any of his choices just because he doesn't share their beliefs

  • It would be great, but America would never elect one

    Now, as an atheist myself, i think it would be absolutely amazing to have an atheist president. However, it would be impossible, with america largely as a theist nation. The amount of backlash would be campaign ruining. The thing is, i think an atheist would be great for our county. He would remove religious persecution(whats left of it) and probably be a great president. Its just.... Fox news....

  • No they won't

    It's become too engrained in the culture and way of life. People will not elect someone to run their beloved country that doesn't share the same beliefs that they have lived their life by. Americans believe their country is part of them, their family, their home. In their homes they believe in God. They teach their children it. For the country to be run by an atheist would shatter their whole universe and throw their whole existence into doubt. They do not like change. They would not like to think that their whole life and that of their ancestors has been created by a fabrication. I am an atheist and I would like it, but no. Not until the brainwashing stops.

  • Not because I don't believe we should, but because it is simply not happening.

    I do believe that it is legal and certainly ethical to have a President that is an atheist, but I don't believe for one minute that the people of this country will ever elect one. There's myriad reasons for this, but I'll just touch on two.
    First, people trust religious people more, even if they don't agree with them. Here's a link to the results of a study done by the University of British Columbia (http://www.Ncbi.Nlm.Nih.Gov/pubmed/22059841) about why people tend to dislike Atheists. What they found across the board was that people are less likely to trust them. They are significantly more likely to trust a religious person because of "the belief that people behave better if they feel that God is watching them". As an atheist myself, despite all logic and rationale, I do find this to be true. I would more willingly trust my life to a Priest than another atheist because I like to believe the Priest won't dare do me harm with consequences like eternal damnation on the line. I'm sure that's not true of all people everywhere, but the study clearly shows it is at least generally true.
    On the other side, this is a very religious country from a monetary standpoint. If you understand American Politics at all, you must understand that it all boils down to who can buy more air time. An ad buy in the billions is what it takes to become President these days, with the most recent election of Barack Obama coming at a price tag of over a billion dollars per side. We've all heard about the One Percent and income inequality on the news lately, but have you seen the income distribution of this country by religion? Here is a link to some statistical information showing how wealth is distributed far more toward religious people than Atheists(http://floatingpath.Wpengine.Netdna-cdn.Com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Wealth-by-Religion.Jpg). Funny enough, it shows that Hindu and Jewish households hold the majority of the wealth, with 43% and 46% (respectively) making over 100k annually. Now these may not be the biggest donors to political campaigns, but let's have a look at them. Based on data collected and published by the Center for Responsive Politics (http://www.Opensecrets.Org/outsidespending/summ.Php?Cycle=2012&disp=D&type=V&superonly=N) Sheldon Adelson, Jewish, has donated $92,796,625 dollars to Republican PAC funds. Harold Simmons, Baptist Christian, donated $26,865,000 to conservative PACS. In the 2006 the late Robert J. Perry was the largest contributor to conservative PACS in the entire state of Texas, boasting a total $23,450,000 in campaign donations in the 2012 period. Mr. Perry was Christian. These are only the top three, and if you Google all the names on the list, almost all are religious. If religious people are funding Presidential candidates, it is only reasonable to assume they will strengthen candidates who share their beliefs.
    If an Atheist ever runs for President, it will be generations from now that he or she will have even a slight chance of winning.

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