Could we make a better world simply by moving from fiat money to an energy-backed currency?

  • Yes I agree!

    Money is make to be manipulated. Once we created money, we lost track of all other resources. This is evidences by the depletion of our planet. If we put resources first than we hopefully will be able to reverse some of these effects. This will help our ecosystem and create a more stable economy.

  • This one change would effect virtually every aspect of our existence.

    What would happen if we got rid of fiat money? The gold backed currency, pushed by Libertarians, is outdated and even if it were feasible it would likely turn some of the worst countries on earth into the wealthiest. But there are plenty of rare renewable energies, so an energy backed currency would give first world nations an advantage, and second/third world nations an incentive. Let's say a penny equals 1 watt of energy.

    People could make their own money in their backyards...Alcohol stills, solar panels, geothermal, water/wind turbines.
    The possibilties:
    ~No need for a federal reserve
    ~Grid ties would allow for easy taxation based upon little effort
    ~Path to energy independence would shrink exponentially over time...No more financing Islamic terror states...No more oil spills...Carbon emissions...Oil subsidies...Bye bye OPEC
    ~New technological revolution and innovation

    What am I missing?

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