Could we really ever be in heaven, when we know that a large number of the world's population will end up tortured for all eternity in hell?

Asked by: sota
  • Yes you can...

    ... Provided that you have a sadistic personality disorder and like seeing people suffering. As the Westboro Baptist Church once said, "F*gs die, God laughs." As long as you're happy and willing to laugh at all the sinners burning in Hell forever, Heaven will be eternal bliss for you. Ironically, those are the kinds of people you'd usually expect to wind up in Hell.

  • How can you believers not be scarred for life with that idea?

    I'm an atheist, so if there is a God, my destiny is hell. Now, apart from not believing in God, I have been a good person my whole life. I care more then you could imagine about animals, I would save a fly if it needed. I am sweet-natured and kind, and I don't bad mouth people. This isn't me bragging, but that's just who I am, and have been told so by every one I meet. I know deep down, that if God really existed, I wouldn't deserve to go to hell just because I didn't believe in him.

    There are plenty of atheists out there, maybe you believers have some friends or family who don't believe. But they will, according to your beliefs, end up burning in hell for eternity. How is this not emotionally damaging to you? If I really believed this, I would be terrified. I would be an emotional wreck thinking of my poor friends and family, other people on this planet, just burning in hell forever. It is a horrifying thought.

    My question is, while you Christians (or Muslims or whichever religion is lucky enough to be the right one) are up there in heaven, while the atheists, members of any other religion who got it wrong, and anyone who "sinned" are being tortured in hell, how could you ever enjoy it?

    Posted by: sota

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