• Yes we can live without internet

    Due to this fast moving world & economic & luxurious life we need this internet and etc. But no one is happy and living peaceful. Without net people can live by using of reading books and searching. Talking to the experience people in that specific field. People will spend to talk with others and share many thinks. All human can spend time with there family members etc.
    Life is to live. Basic need of a human is food & shelter for this net is not required.

  • Yes we can

    We certainly can survive without the internet. Sure as the years go by it will be hard to get a job. But besides that we don't need the internet. If you really need the Internet go to the library. Also the Internet has been link to depression.. And other mental disorders.

  • We will survive but barely

    If the internet was suddenly 'unplugged', people would panic, businesses would crumble, scholars would be left in the dark, but eventually people would adapt. As a species we have shown the greatest aptitude for adaptation, so we will survive. We still have the telephone, mail, libraries. We will be forced to go back to grass roots level in terms of communication

  • We can survive without the Internet

    The Internet is primarily used for communication and entertainment. 30 years ago people had to make an effort to send a letter to communicate with their friends and family. Forget 30 years, even today people send letters and prefer that over sending emails. It is absolutely evident that human beings would be able to survive without internet. The cavemen did it and so can you!

  • Yes You Can

    I strictly recall a time from my birth up to 12 years of age when the Internet simply didn't exist or people may have heard about it, but it was unthinkable. I recall, during those 12 years, being able to function and breath just fine. I believe it is very easy to survive without the Internet.

  • Yes, life without the Internet.

    Of course we could survive without the Internet. Humans are extremely adaptable. We survived for millennial without the Internet, I'm sure we could do it again. There would be immediate restlessness and boredom felt by many, and expressed through angry outbursts and/or bouts of depression. Emotional response aside, our economic landscape would change drastically. Commerce would have to revert to older methods of communication and record keeping. Anyone working in software will lose their job. Their would be panic and the banks would likely collapse. But their will also be a wave of entrepreneurship. The urban United States has become very dependent on the Internet and therefore would take longer to adjust than rural areas and other nations. But it will adjust.

  • Yes, but it would take time to adjust.

    The fact that people survived for thousands of years without the internet is reason to believe that we could all survive without it. However, there would be a major adjustment period as most people have grown very accustomed to using the internet regularly. It would change life in a drastic way and would probably be hard for younger people to comprehend.

  • We could survive without the Internet.

    If you ask the youth of today, the answer would be very different, however, you are asking the general population. Twenty or thirty years ago, there was no Internet. We used books to do our research. We spoke to our grandparents, and their friends for information about their past and their lives. We read text books. We survived then, we can survive now.

  • If Internet Shut Off, We'd All Be Screwed! (At First)

    Chaos would ensue, people would switch into survival mode, the unemployment rate would rise. But soon the weak would die and the strong will find a way to adapt and live on. Survival of the fittest. Sorry tech people, you'd be on the bottom of the food chain. Good Luck!

  • People rely on it

    You tubers, google employees will lose their jobs
    people look up remedies for pains on the internet
    it will be harder to broadcast news
    people have become accustomed to their ways
    i believe we can adjust but over a long period of time as it is now something people rely on

  • Clearly we can't

    I guarantee that even the yes side of this debate will agree with me on this. We had to use the internet to write our opinion on this topic. So we need internet, we can't live without it. Also you can't watch porn so, no we can't live without internet.....End of story.

  • We cant survive without internet

    We have raised a society where we rely on the internet for everything. Our kids and schools and basically everywhere are to reliable in the internet. Sure it would be difficult to get a job and all that but hey we got to where we are now without internet right?

  • Not at all.

    No, I don't think so that we can now survive without internet, because our lives is dependent on internet as this world has become a global village, where everything is within our reach. Life without internet would be like going back to stone-age. This seems impossible in this hi-tech era.

  • No, not at this point

    Now that the Internet has been very popular for at least a decade or so, people have made the Internet an essential part of their everyday life. If it were to go away, it would change the way we communicate and do business. I believe that many people would not be able to survive such drastic changes in a short time.

  • I'm sure others could, but not me.

    As very sad as it is, the Internet does have a big role in my life. It fills a very empty void which I will not dwell into. It also gives me knowledge to virtually all information known to man, and it allows me to educate myself and not just rely on a single source.

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John-Smith says2013-04-02T23:17:00.407
The question "Could we survive without the Internet?" isn't really arguable; for it has been done, and is being done in some parts of the world.