• Yes the war could have been avoided

    I belive that the war could have been avoided because after pear harbor we didnt have to go jump in it would have been easier to just cont the loses and move on. It wouldnt have dug a bigger hole in the pocket of americans. We wouldnt have spent all of the extra money on troops and wouldnt have had as many deaths. Especially after the great depression.

  • Hitler never wanted to go to war against the allies.

    Hitler loved the United Kingdom and the empire, He admired our great heroes like Nelson, and Hitler didn't have much against France either over wise he would have never let the Vichy Government exist. What Hitler wanted to do was to destroy Communism. Agreed that he shouldn't have invaded Poland but the only reason he did so was so that he could get to the Soviet Union. Once Hitler had taken over Poland he set up a central polish government to govern Poland showing that Hitler did not want to destroy Poland either. All that Hitler wanted to do was destroy Communism and that was the Soviet union we should have let him do so as he would have done it, preventing Communism from spreading and ending the evil regime of the communists in China and Russia, and the great effort it would take in conquering Communism and pacifying Russia would have in the end destroyed the Nazi government as the war exhaustion from the German people would have ushered in democracy and a much more stable Europe and world compared to the mess that is left.

  • Treaty of Versailles was too punitive on Germany leading to WWII..

    The Treaty of Versailles imposed on Germany after WWI extracted far too much wealth from the nation, setting the stage for a dictators rise. John Maynard Keynes, the prominent economist along with others predicted as much at the time:

    Even the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour can be scrutinised from a different view point if we ask the question 'why did they attack?'
    Whilst the Japanese were expanding in the region, perhaps only mirroring what Britain, France, Portugal had done, and increasingly the US were doing, the embargo on Japan and particularly the US oil embargo prompted them to attack. Many think that international bankers, who usually back both sides and profit enormously in a war, created momentum for the war with Japan.

    Certainly there were newspaper headlines and US intelligence at the time warning of a potential Japanese attack within days. And direct warnings were given to the president at the time including from the Australian's, who warned the US of a Japanese fleet approaching Pearl Harbour days before the attack.

    I think of Smedley Butler, America's most decorated marine at the time of his death, who later concluded that during the course of his lengthy career he had been little more than a strong man for US corporate and banking interests. His book 'War Is A Racket' resonated hugely with the US public in the 1930s.

    In almost all cases war can be avoided including WWII.

  • Yes, WW2 Could Have Been Avoided.

    Yes, World War Two could have been prevented if the League of Nations had gone to further measures to ensure that Germany could pick itself after having just losing a war. Germany could have been put under an Allied army occupation until they were steady enough to be able to care for themselves without having to look for some "hero" to save them. Germany was in the perfect position to be taken over by a dictator, it was vulnerable, poor and in need of help. Adolf Hitler made it look as if all he wanted was for Germany to be great once again and that he was going to help accomplish that when in reality, he just wanted world domination, or at the very least control of Europe. If the League of Nations, or any nation, had paid enough attention to Germany to see that they needed help, Hitler could have been prevented from taking up a leadership role. If the country was doing well and didn't need anyone to save it, then where would Hitler come in? He wouldn't have been necessary and WW2 could have been avoided.

  • Yes, WW2 Could Have Been Avoided.

    If the Treaty of Versailles had not put such harsh punishments on Germany, then the nation would not have been perfect to be taken over by a dictator. If the League of Nations had not abandoned Germany after they lost a war, let's say they were put under an Allied army occupation until they could pick themselves up from WW1, then Hitler would not have been necessary and since there wouldn't have been anything for him to do, like make the impression that he was really helping to rebuild Germany when in reality he was aiming for world domination, not many, if any, would have followed his beliefs. This could have prevented WW2.

  • It definitely could have...

    I think the the Treaty of Versailles made Germany feel neglected and hated by everyone, which is why the WW2 was made to happen. Another reason is if the League Of Nations had a better handle on the situation, they could have stopped Hitler even before he grew a big army. If these happened, it could have been avoided.

  • IT Could have been avoided! For these reasons

    If The Treaty of Versailles didn't blame Germany, then Germany wouldn't be so powerful. Also, we knew what hitler was doing for a while, and we did nothing about it. If we stopped him while he was building up, then we could have stopped ww2 from happening. The last thing is The League Of Nations should have done way more to prevent from Hitler from even gaining his army.

  • World War II could have been avoided

    Due to the fact that when Hitler was a small boy in the midst of a cold winter he was drowning in a lake. A priest came over and rescued him because he had heard him. Had the priest not heard him Hitler would have died and his beliefs also.

  • YES! It could have been prevented

    The treaty of Versailles was too harsh on Germany which pissed them off and acted as a catalyst to spark WW2. All because of the aggressiveness of the Africans in the Balkan sea, the 14 points were declined by the European nations. Also, the League of Nations was too weak

  • We are all to blame

    When Hitler first started his reign and we knew what he was doing we could have stopped it quicker then what we did. Then after we did something about it we put all the blame on Germany. I for one think that was not far we are the ones you let it go on for so long.
    If the league of justice worked out ww2 would have never happened.

  • It eventually would have happened.

    I believe that no matter what we would have been brought into World War II. I think that even if the Pearl harbor bombing didn't happen we still would have been brought into this war no matter what. Things were so crazy and there were so many other places that could have attacked us from. I just believe it was impossible for us to avoid this war.

  • Mostly Neutral, but, No

    If WWI didn't happen than, obviously, it wouldn't have happened. But this isn't the argument. The Treaty of Versailles help Hitler push his views, but Germany would still be angry. Maybe it wouldn't have been as bad. Maybe if Hitlers dad didn't push him to be in a political party. But its doubtful that would change anything.

  • No WW II couldn't been avoided!

    The Treaty of Versailles help propelled WWII. This treaty put total blame on German for WWI. Germany was made to pay back the cost. They wanted revenge for this humiliation. This what help put Hitler in place to take power so quickly. In my opinion, WWII was bound to happen sooner or later.

  • A war after another

    If ww1 didnt happen,w2 happen?No. Worlds wars could not be avoided.
    Im sure even though people like Napoleon or Bismarck or Hitler didnt claim political power, there must be another tragedy.Empires going against each other was very common,and with advanced rader and transmission and communication systems,ww2 nor ww1 would have been avoided.

  • Given history, even with League of Nations, WWII would have happened, here is why...

    The world did not want another war. This is why the international world let Japan annex Korea, attack China, Philippines, Taiwan, Pacific Islands, and so many countries in Southeast Asia. The Japanese if not stopped, would have continued to grow, and the international community continued to try to appease them. Hitler took over Austria, the Sutenland, broke the Versailles Treaty by building its Army, yet countries didn't want a war, so try to appease Hitler as long as they stopped.

    Nevermind that the Jewish people and other minorities were already being killed, and Hitler's Aryan Third Reich wanted more "living space." They, like the Japanese, believed they were superior in race. Japan had annexed Korea, an independent nation (killing, raping, torturing its citizens) and the world turned the other cheek. This was in 1910, before WWI and the Treaty of Versailles. Japan was well under way in trying to expand its country at the expense of others.

    Hitler and Japan believed and successfully for decades called the international community's bluff. Finally, it became a tipping point and by the time the world opened up their eyes, they say that Japan and Germany's true intention were not for peace, but to get rid of anyone that stood in their way. What is most dangerous was it was based on purely ethnic lines. Koreans were forcibly taken to Japan and severely discriminated against. Japanese could kills Koreans at anytime without repercussions. The same for the Nazis against Jews, Slavs, (anyone not Aryan). Even if the international community continued to try to appease Japan and Germany, the countries that were conquered would have eventually continued to try to revolt, inevitably creating a situation where all-out war is impossible.

  • WWII was unavoidable

    Germany was angered that all the blame of WWI was placed on them due to the Treaty of Versailles, thus making them want to retake the lead the lost and return Germany to its former glory, which is what Hitler promised Germanys people. While war started up in Europe, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which caused the U.S.A to retaliate and jump into the war too.

  • WWII was impossible to avoid

    After the Treaty of Versailles Germany was bitter and wanted to take revenge for being so harshly punished, so when Hitler rose to power promising to return to its former glory, there was little anyone could do to stop Him from starting a war among the European countries and attempt to take its land back. Then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, which we couldn't avoid, and ultimently brought the U.S.A into the war.

  • No, WWII couldn't have been prevented

    WWII was inevitable. If WWI didn't occur, neither would WWII. Our world isn't peaches and rainbows and many try to ignore that fact and try to look on the bright side of things. It isn't. You can't say the war could have been prevented after knowing what happened in WWI. When there's deception, grudges, vengeance, and power involved you must take the fact something terrible might happen into consideration. This is our world. People are made fun of for being a different race, religion, ect. How could we think a war, that included many of these things, could have been avoided? Opinions are valued, and this is mine.

  • What about Pearl

    I believe that the US's involvement in the war could not be avoided. I believe that because the japanese bombed pearl harbor. If they hadn't we wouldn't have needed to join the war. But they did. Also If we hadn't joined the war germany might've won. All of the people on the yes side know this as a fact and their refusal to acknowledge it disgusts me. People need to know that many things would have been different if hitler won. We wouldn't have our freedoms. Some of is would be dead. Because we either didn't support hitler or were jews or for some other obscure reason. People think for once your life, what would you not be able to do if hitler won. It's a scary thought.

  • Remember the Camps.

    Nazi Germany blamed the Jewish people for the problems in there country, so they tried to get rid of the Jews. That would of caused war regardless of prevention. Hitler was pure evil and nobody can go against it. The positive of World War 2 is that Israel did gain most of it's land back.

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Yes, but it happen

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